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To see if there are some locations that might support a speed limit increase. He told the Oklahoma transportation commission today that studies continue to show that accident rates are higher in states that have raised speed limits and nearly one hundred seventy thousand dollars settlement being proposed in a canal electrocution in Oklahoma city's brick town entertainment district. Here's Jim forci with more Brandon Gan Fort Smith Arkansas had jumped into the brick tower. Canal rescue a man who fallen into the water and was electrocuted when he touched wires from a broken light fixture. The accident killed twenty three year old Wesley Sealy of Tuttle, Brandon and Taylor Gan or seeking a hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred fifty dollars from the city. The Oklahoma City council is set to vote on the settlement tomorrow, Oklahoma, medical marijuana sales topped eighteen million dollars last month, the seventh straight month of growth for the new industry. The state collected more than one point two million dollars from the seven percent excise tax on marijuana there. More than one hundred four thousand people in Oklahoma with a medical marijuana patient license air conditioning. The Oklahoma county jail is set to be turned on a week from today. Even though officials say pipe still need to be repaired. The cool air will be turned on three weeks ahead of schedule. Share of PD. Taylor says the jail has been without air conditioning. Since March eighth and stocks are recovering on wall. Street after the Dow was down more than four hundred fifty points in trading today at the closing bell. The Dow was down sixty six points to twenty six thousand four hundred thirty eight the NASDAQ lost forty points in the S and P five hundred was thirteen points.

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