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A federally registered national apprenticeship program to partner with us, go to elevator info dot org. Local ten, a proud supporter of helmets to hard hats. Four 38. That's all you, Dave. All right, I'm on the phone with a listener right now who is on I 66 near Della playing. This is an area over the past ten, 15 minutes that was absolutely slammed with violent wins. And he is telling me that there are numerous trees down along I 66. The tractor trailer blow over potential was very high with this storm. We haven't heard any reports of trucks overturned. But that was a north south wind across an east west facing interstate. I am hearing there are reports of treason to houses out in this part of the area too. So as far as 66 goes, we're going to try to get some more information on if the road is passable. Lots of trees reported down, but that's all cursory information. Closer to the metro area, it is almost rush hour as usual. Volume delays in the beltway, three 95 and 95, a tree came down on route one between Stafford courthouse and falmouth, but route one is passable to some extent near lay hill road where the tree snagged a wire. Very heavy concert traffic between The Pentagon and south capital street to and from that exit on and off the southeast Southwest freeway in Maryland, there was a fire department response in Montgomery county blocking a portion of muncaster mill wrote north and west of route 28 norbeck road, the crash outside of Frederick on three 40 near Jefferson technology Parkway has cleared and all the lanes are open. Attention all muggles potted Potter returns to D.C. the summer experience all 7 Harry Potter books and 70 hilarious minutes tickets at Shakespeare theater dot org Dave dildine WTO pay traffic. All right, back to storm team four, Mike stenner, Mike, a lot of folks getting something, but boy that area on I 66 just to the south hunting toward warrant and that's really getting slammed right now. Yeah, so we're just going to do

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