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Says the the organization all the money that came into this and from home and let people that again make their decisions I think there's no I don't have a problem with that whatsoever the only time I've ever had concerns that we got to talk with us maybe later in the show is when you can't control what people do with information but when donors to one party another get targeted by other folks and it's amazing that I can understand that but I agree with that but I actually think political donations are speech and I have no problem with people knowing who was donated to attend it would have to yeah I know I know I'm not disagree but I'm not say I'm not suggest they should be talking about golf course about all right coming up on the Katy my could Todd show without candidate should be back on Monday did you know you've been eaten bar codes yes No yeah there's a start up in our area they specialize in bar codes you eat Yummy Yummy Yummy a like a cherry flavor bark at night that's coming up right now give a client with the traffic report gives you perspective a Chevrolet ever was there is crashing static county still possible directions of highway nine at beaver lake road but the bulk of the traffic problems are in the south and we're just been really really wet we have an accident westbound eighteen your honor black diamond still not sure what's what that is really backing these up getting down that hill also an axe in south and one six seven Ellington wrote or stalled vehicle blocks the center lane and I have a couple crashes of near fight on Pacific highway east airport away in fifty fourth really jam at things that standing water near JV LM so self on private Berkeley that left lane remains locked and will remain walk through the entire afternoon commute a rational of yourself on five east side three blocks of right lane and there is an accident reported on the south on a one a one ramp to northbound I. five in Olympia that's partially blocking fiber radio real time traffic and he climbed out com its rate of al and when you're road tripping or cooking or cleaning let my podcast your last meal entertain yell my latest guys it stand up comedian Horicon double L. with questionable taste in favor.

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