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An affordable and reliable vehicles and you'll find it is the perfect place to get a new twenty eighteen key optima LX for only seventy nine just two fifty down to fifty a month buy new twenty nineteen kia Sorento for twenty one five just three hundred and three hundred a month you receive the protection of our no charge lifetime warranty lifetime roadside assistance to shop online visit instead it for a lifetime six six six seven two two seven two one for details eight Jan you follow politics who should I vote for four train commission you mean railroad commission that said that's an easy one I'm voting for Ryan Sutton the railroad commission has nothing to do with trains and oversees the oil and gas industry in Texas Ryan since the first engineer to serve in that job in over fifty years his leadership is keeping our energy costs low really what kind of leadership Ryan Sitton started and led companies in energy technology and data science he's an entrepreneur not a politician while some Democrats want to shut down Texas energy production Ryan is working to keep our bills low when we fill up at the pump or run the AC well that's awesome No Way is Ryan the guy who exposes socialism and climate change Mets yep on his website Ryan Sitton dot com all right I'm voting conservative Ryan Sutton for railroad commissioner smartness political advertising paid for by the Ryan Sitton campaign finding great candidates to hire can be.

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