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Just asking those questions i would he have fired everybody on the team and key honorees would be forced to play quarterback i just i as a replacement i just don't see donald trump if you bought the bills keep it at buffalo no now now it is i'll say this though when he when he was going to buys has yeah i wanna buy the only team that's a new york team right because arrest the other to play in new jersey and he talked about that but i just i'm thinking he would have said look i i can bring him to new york and have three teams i can't you of three teams in new york yeah i i just don't see him you could have nine or ten teams and new york yeah i just don't seem to i i want to put this audio cut here just to show you where it's headed on the far with he added that and that that this is actually this is more um uh then uh this is just this is more okay uh my okay no uh okay now we've got on okay okay yeah he's as good okay go uh don't trust of the goahead a i wanna i wanna play this uh this audio cut from msnbc at actor jesse williams okay now gino jesse williams i don't know who he is i'm looking at my adam an i might knows face i don't recognize the name uh but in a sunday appearance on msnbc actor jesse williams weighed in on the controversy surrounding the anti trump protests of the national anthem at nfl games and just to show you what the left is actually thinking now that it's just it's about the fact that they don't like the national anthem aereo think that this is going to put the onus squarely on me owners the greenback colin kaepernick anything he's going to be too hot to handle uh well i wouldn't that's in the ita me holder weather is too hot to handle i think there's it a deathly an incredible level of cowardice and selfishness in.

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