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Hello everybody and welcome to we. Say things episode one eighteen suns fan here with cinder and after taking a week off truly apologize. We'll talk about why. That was a little bit later in the podcast. I am fighting horrible jet lag syndrome. It's only been a couple of days since we've been back. I know you had a nice two hour flight back home and mine. Two flights are mine was three flights over the course of twenty hours. Kill me please. So well how are you doing. I forgot to ask i'm fine. I'm great. I'm so happy to hear that syndrome thank you. Let's let's go through our patron shoutouts shall we. I'll take the first half so thank you to position five. Jungle raith king for cavern crawl. Heroin horse is the greatest third position does to player in the world disco farm d mikula at ti. Mark my words. Ps love esl cast. Thank you vincent. Dark see mediocre. Night are torius and his good boy silk. The sword dog. Sorry the texas really small for me. And i'm very tired. Semper pie a matata. The guy in the chair esquire lucas. Frankel commander donut. I'm playing position five. Irl bread sheeran banzai. Wiseguy chicken potpie car playing against wire. Online associati his second spell. She'll be called fisher. Blast the mega pope. It's time to rhyme the lime of crime and time to water elephants. Ti in new zealand and zan xavier and nate thick. Oh zero one ham and bacon ham. You said you wanted half and you. You definitely had like fifty seven percent now full of energy. I am get ready and grab your popcorn kids today. Were watching two elephants having sex. That's a that's another patron by the you weren't just saying that i could have sharp. Tm onion the dog. Novi panda dopp. Saas neck in japanese is nichole. As i am half javanese nothing to see here underscore men. Ben broom had really wanted them to give back dooms. Hp region on devour now. He's depressed and his ice rocks fault. Saj pitch-black wouldn't after-taste done talk anonymous. Buying my friendship with suns fan for thirty dollars peter..

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