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But also of course sometimes the clothes do not make a man. Speaking of this is tan. Gentle guests who i am re obsessed with the easter bunny. Linda evangelista very close lateral. Move she is they are. She does remind me of the easter bunny. Actually she always has fashion eggs back on at all. She's got those like three foot long ears point straight up like she knows what she's a she's a she's an anti-christian Satan is symbol of What's doing smoke and mirrors of what the holidays really about if you were to ask me. Who were the most super of models. I would say naomi campbell linda evangelista. Excuse me period end of story is stops buck stops there buck. Stops there in the supermodel. The superstars crawford is fine. She's great cropper's she's fine okay claudia schiffer fine or just lynch. Linda land lease as i call her for short give. I just want to put her first and last name together. I just call her linda. Definitely me too so fucking smart and political true actually says get deep fucking instagram. I will i. It's like max mara icon of the world. She's a smarty petard. I'll tell you that right now. That's great gets it. And i'll tell you lynch sees the world that's what do you fall. Instagram i i literally i just you know. Sometimes you're just like you're just doing you're doing laundry or something and you're like what is it linda evangelista apt to you and you know this because used to be used to have a show all about it. Let's true that we never did her. But that's trajectory self. And i did bad. You haven't done that we serve. Why did you stop doing that. Show i know you have lots of time we got. We were starting to make way too much money. That's just it just started to feel greedy and selfish and you know what i mean. Yeah didn't you got like a huge endorsement from like. Ea sports nike. And mike. My jesus which jumbotron the brands. Yeah under under ice squares at be ori- strips by the way tiffany trump news. But only sort of you ready for. Yeah yes girl someone sent me. We've gone aaron so you know how like tiffany trump in our mind is obsessed with the high heel shoe chair. Yeah just with. Someone sent me a picture of yesterday. A high her in a high heel shoe chair. I would be that would be full circle moment. No someone sent me a picture of a giant bathtub. That was a high heel shale. Yeah may i guess where it's located. You know what whatever you say. Because i don't know where it's okay to wherever you say is where it's going to be. I've already decided russia or las vegas. That's all i got. It's either putin's issue. Osmond's sure a fucking in poughkeepsie. I'll tell you that much now. You're right that does feel like a very vegas slash does vegas.

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