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And a lot of that. Our friendship based in so. Yeah that that I just wanted to bring that up again because I champion that film whenever I can. It makes sense speaking of Fort. Tilden a movie. That I'm pretty sure was uses a puzzle piece on the episode. Never going back which is quite different but I mean it still has a very you know fun very real feeling kind of relationship at the middle of millennial women yeah I think so and then I know. They're on my list which which I haven't watched but our Josh told us about his This little weird French Canadian movie called. Slut in a good way which is again about three young women and their relationships and it's probably everything that yoga hoses should have been. But as we all know Kevin Smith can be good movies anymore. I think when we start talking about Yoga hosmer's that's the time to wrap it up So let's do the finished puzzle. Then we'll get into any closing thoughts. The finished puzzle for Banana. Split includes book smart of course as well super bad up ghost world. Girls Rushmore Ingrid Goes West. Romeo Michele's high school reunion. I love you. Man in the company of men blockers Fort Tilden Search Party and never going back at all those in there as well so I think we pretty much covered it. Do you have any like closing thoughts about the movie that you WanNa do. up there. I think this is one. That's gone under the radar. Should've been a bigger hit. But I mean I get it. They're not big stars or whatnot. I don't know why it hasn't gotten more acclaimed but I These are the Fun Hidden. Gems. You can find. You know that are worth seeking out. Yeah and and I would just add onto that and I don't WanNa pile on our our book smart criticism which everybody knows much to the two of US didn't like it but I really feel like this is the movie that should have gotten all the buzz. You know the zoo a better such a better movie funnier movie and great performances and I hope I hope people who apparently loved books Marcus. There's a lot of people out there who did Will seek this movie out because it is definitely something to watch. It's it's great. So Jason Do you have another movie you watch recently? You'd like to Recommend Orleans give you. I'll give you some. I got some that. I watched recently. That like I think is so below the radar and I was just like it's so good and not in the way that you expect. Hey how do you feel about Super Troopers Dave? I love super troopers cool so broken lizard. That's how most people know or came to know of the broken Lizard Comedy Troupe members. You're yeah have you ever seen the movie they made before that I own it and have never watched it gave? I watched puddle cruiser about a week ago. And it's not as broad or Wacky as what we've come to expect from the broken Lizard's troop but it it's one of these really good ninety s college movies that are based in reality but also funny. What a delightful little bill I taught i. It's great I maybe I have to finally frigging watch this movie. It's it's sitting on my shelf and just never around to it. So that's going to have had let me know what you think but. I think you know we all want to be completed. Sir of our major figures. GotTa Watch every Scorsese every Al Spike Lee and and every broken Lizard's movie but yeah I think this is This this is a really good piece. They did a really good job. And you know not all of it Works perfectly but you can see that. The talents there for What the future held for them for sure. Sure well right on man. Why don't you tell some people about awesome movie year? And what else you got going on. Yeah if you haven't heard as we've mentioned I guess he's like our I mean really. We've given him too. Many shouts on this show already but film critic Josh Bell Myself and Dave produces it also is a valuable member of the conversation each season we break down a year as to why it was an awesome movie year. We are currently in season four. We've already completed nine hundred ninety. Four two thousand seven nine hundred eighty nine in our in nineteen ninety-six and each episode focuses on a different film and a different like categorization of the that from so. We all always do the best picture winner. You know. We'll always choose a box office bomb or a foreign film And And will always choose like a cult classic so some of them like our picked for us like you know the bags. Best Picture. You know big box office. Hit that some of them. We each have a personal choice in their The cult classics Become Very Fun. As anyone who listened to gleaming the cube can tell you we disagree on a lot of things which I think is important. Absolutely yeah now. I'm having a great time with this new season of it and and I even get my own pick nowadays. Don't I earned buddy? We're glad we're glad so I WOULD. I would say We would love that feedback on it and we're happy with how it's growing and we appreciate that. So that's our other little venture here right What about your Comedy STUFF. What do you got going on their them in? Quarantine Dave. I'm actually I don't even know if I should say I as you know where. I'm trying to write a movie that we could film all in quarantine which is was the toughest idea that I can think of. And now we're seeing good pieces of art come out in quarantine with SNL and the parks and Rec Special. The other night so yeah. I don't know I don't know I just don't have any real interested doing these like zoom shows but I might do one this weekend just to just to check it off the lists. Yeah right you gotta it's gotTa be done. You joined tick Tock So. That's now joined to talk dirty lie. That's a lie okay. Well thanks as always for doing the show and we will. We will get you back for a missing pieces soon for sure. Sounds good Although I'm not on top of you still follow my Line Josh. Bell. I'm Jason Harris. Hey Josh we're friends in real life but we're also co host on this new. Podcast called awesome movie year where we take a look back at an awesome year for movies and do a deep dive looking at movies including the best picture winner. The biggest movie at the box office future cult classics and more including the biggest flop. And this season we're doing nine hundred ninety four. You can find US wherever you get your podcast. That could be apple. Podcast stitcher or spotify. We're all over the web as well awesome movie. You're on all the social and awesome movie. Your dot com so please like US subscribe and five Star Rating. Because we love you. I hope you enjoyed that conversation about banana. Split and I hope you went and watched banana split because like I said is a great movie and a little under the radar. Probably should've mentioned in the The intro that this is not the banana splits that wikileaks horror movie with the Classic Canada. Barrick characters but That's another interesting movie. Didn't like it quite as much as banana. Split but It's kind of fun so that does it for today and as always wonder reminds you. Please make sure you're subscribe to piecing it together on your podcast APP of choice. You can rate and review us on Apple podcasts or Pod chaser follow us on social media at Piecing pod and join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces where we continue the conversation about all these movies and a whole lot. More so That does it for this week. We got these two great episodes. But we have a bunch. More coming your way There some episodes that have been sitting in our Patriot on for a while there about finally hit the main feed greed and also Gretel in Hansel but aside from those we also have a whole lot of other episodes including more Missing pieces episodes and more regular piecing it together episodes so lots coming your way in the coming weeks so thank you for listening. Also make sure to check out awesome movie air. We are in the middle of season four and lots of great stuff happening over there too so make sure to check it out. So that does it. I'm GONNA leave you guys with a piece of music and you know what I'm GonNa play you something from my most recent album. It's called beater original motion picture. Soundtrack just came out a couple months ago. And this. If you haven't heard about it before is a collection of music from films that I have done the score for All from the same production company Free your mind films. Same Director Chris Johnson and the track. I'M GONNA play. You is called my love which was from a film called to cherish the time and so Yeah this is Piece from a film which is also from this album. Peter Original motion picture soundtrack which is available on I tunes as well as the Stream on spotify and all those Digital Music services out there so enjoy. It should go check out the rest of the album. If you like it and we'll be back with more piecing it together next week.

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