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Hugh johnson kboi gallagher all right here we go which ran a party after testimony before the house judiciary committee without congresswoman sheila jacksonlee she's always a lot of fun and she is grilling jeff sessions right now who again is testifying in front of the house judiciary committee and of course what's weird of this a look at the monitors as she's talking to him somebody's wavering of trump blue route trump will make america great sign behind her i don't know how they got of there were she sitting she's of course on this elevated you know perch and she's talking to him and some of these waving a i'm telling you the whole country is gone off the rails everything has just gone off into the ditch and there's these signs of people cleanup peak jeff sessions is looking to wipe our utah sign and the trump signing all right let's listen because again this gets really lively she like i said she always live is up a party black identity movement there are these signs that flesh you're gonna find out holding up the science if pavlina can put this video up on our screen because word if you're streaming the show at mike onlinecom you might be able to see this now there is a sign what does that say intelligence assessment extremist target i i don't even know what that is how do you sit behind a congresswoman whose questioning the attorney general and holed up sandwich boards but somebody is so part me for the distraction but here we go it's it's her own people okay this is her office all right so she's got staffers holding up what are the trump signed say i thought it was a protrump side surely sheila jacksonlee leaves office in the whole nut probe oh president trump signs i can promise you that so she here we go she's asking the attorney general about judge roy moore in alabama i took the liberty of revealing federal crimes against children particularly those dealing with sexual of physical abuse as you well know leak kaufman wendy miller debbie watson gibson gloria thakkar decent in beverly young nelson these young women have accused.

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