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Up ahead of President Biden's State of the Union address tomorrow night, and there's now temporary fencing up around the U.S. capitol again. Here on first street morning joggers are running around the 8 foot tall fence that completely surrounds U.S. capitol grounds. You can see area closed and police do not cross signs every couple of feet while there is no specific threat capital please say they are increasing security measures after the targeting of politicians and police organizations in recent months. The president's Tuesday State of the Union address will be the second of his term, and just like this year, fencing was erected last march for the event. At the capitol, Luke Luger WTO P news. And you can expect some road closures around the capitol starting tomorrow morning, head to WTO dot com. There, you can read it before you hear it, and you can see how all of that might impact your commute. More than 400 food products sold under dozens of brand names are being recalled because of a possible Listeria contamination. The products have a fresh creative cuisine label and they include items like bacon, egg and Cheddar muffins, breakfast croissants, tuna and chicken sandwiches, and fruit cups. They were sold in stores, vending machines and by transportation providers like Amtrak. They were sold in D.C. in 9 states that include Maryland and Virginia between January 24th in January 30th. Eating Listeria contaminated foods can cause a serious infection and that could lead to some pretty uncomfortable moments around your stomach. They include fever headache, diarrhea, and vomiting

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