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Need a little bit more in your garage. He can. no you know actually don't wild. Here's the thing we actually don't. You don't need anything more in your garage. You just have to hope. Someone doesn't come before you leave and steal your hubcaps in your left. Tackle left guard right guard right. Tackle for the super bowl long as that doesn't happen. He'll need those cars wild. That's all you need. I love. I love the take brandon. I think you've got to. I'm gonna convince you about your own take. Here's your own. Take my takeaway. Here is that the titans are going to be unstoppable. When you look at how much run the ball. And i know it's weird looking about running a a wide receiver topic. Say with me. These four teams are all on the bottom. Half of yards per game chaser sixteenth. The cowboys were seventy two bills. Were nine thousand nine hundred and the bucks twenty eight. The titans were second so why we all these teams are very pass. I the chiefs are going to be passed. I the bruce arians gonna be pass. I care of jamison stone into the wrong team or he's got. Tom brady cowboys. Defense is so bad they have to be passed. I and josh allen wants to show off the canon of the arm ryan tannehill is sitting back. There would so many weapons where my biggest take away. Is that the titans. Offense is going to be unstoppable and we should talk about them more. How higher you on the titans offense. Oh i'm extremely high on the titans off. This is the type of offense that i love the play in and i thrived and one. We had a balanced attack. Where you put me back side at the x. And you if it was one and one that was coming to me if they were doubling me or they're rolling coverage than we had favorable matchups in the run game and on the other side. So that's why. I always love this. I can speak to like this when you talk about. You know best. Receiving core tandems. Because i go back to my time in denver. We eddie roy. I had one hundred four catches. He had ninety one. I then i went to miami. I have bryant heartline who had a career year and then we went onto sokoto. Also on. Jeffrey martellus bennett matt forte. The jets you have eric decker so when you have a balanced attack it makes everything easy. But we're not talking about. Who's going to be scarier. Our who's going to have the best season the teams that have the best corpse. Don't always get it done. So when you talk about the titans yes we could easily be looking up at the end of the year saying. Wow this was the most efficient team. This was team that nobody thought was going to get it done. Because it's like oh you only have just two guys know what they're talking about efficiency when you have three four five guys you've got levels. It goes deep depth at the receiver position. The tide imposition. And that's why the number one and also the cowboys is number two receiver. Talk with.

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