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Nine two five eight four it's been sitting up at paine field for when we start at twenty four year now it's twenty sick but now we've we've repainted it or get new engine cowlings for it and uh and about eleven months from now we're gonna disassemble it uh i put it on flat bed trailers and truck it down to the museum of white actually across the street just south of the pavilion which has all the boy airplanes than it and that's why then we're going to put it back together and it's going to be a ninefoot bronze statue of an aviator and clocks to honor all the veterans for all the surface is an all all the airplanes the mid midnight express is there uh during the vietnam war influ during operation linebacker to correct if if flew on the very first night ron yeah 500 at night yeah and then five hundred ninety one us prisoners would come home and 1973 as a as a result of that why is why it and i got thirty seconds your joe why is this so important to you well because uh my my very existence way is that as a result of that airplane and the crews that that that flew those missions uh had it not for them i i i would not be here uh i i would never come home none none of the kids though yeah so glad your home and i was honoured to sit in the theater uh a lot of times we've heard the stories of the men that fought in world war two or maybe even the korean war uh were finally beginning to hear the stories of men like you all that fought in vietnam why do you think it's taken so long and why do you think men like you now are ready to tell your store well i i think that it started to happen because of uh the wars in the middle east on and.

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