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Don't believe this would have happened in any other environment with any other president and he gave credit to the company the pharmaceutical companies and he gave credit to everybody else and then at the end grudgingly he said and yes even former president. Donald trump well. What the hell. This guy made it happen. He drove this buggy whipped. He pushed he gave no alternative and coming from a business background. He had an approach that no other president. All of them practically spending a good portion of their adult professional careers in politics. I i think they would have accepted that. It would have taken longer and he just refused to accept. He willed it to happen well. Back in october there was an article by caroline hicks. That said white house. Deputy chief of staff says covid nineteen vaccine likely available by end of two thousand and twenty one. It was part of operation warp speed. There were some who laughed that this would happen. There were some who denied that it would happen but very few people believed that it could happen. And guess what we now take for. Granted it did had we not been in an election year and had it not been president trump. Been anyone else. They would have won the nobel peace prize. That deputy chief of staff is former louisiana congressman and then assistant to the president for planning and implementation and former And not former still dr louisiana's own doctor john fleming. Who is our guest. Dr fleming talk to me about your involvement in operation warp speed including the president's expectation. That we will get this thing done quickly and your understanding that this is not an easy thing to do. but we'll michael Thanks for having me on. If i could. I'd like to make one correction. You said that. I said by the end of twenty twenty one. I'm sorry twenty twenty yup. you're. I'm reading it directly. You're right so Which are quite right. I've got the scars and bruises to show that president trump when he wants something done at light speed You move mountains to do it. And of course i mean that tongue in cheek. Of course He was he's very A really great guy to work for full of grace. And i'd love to do it again sometime But he definitely put the pressure on. So let's back up for second. Remember that one of the things that set donald trump apart as a builder developer businessman in new york city was he took on a an outdoor skating. Rink that nobody could get Put back into action and he did it in record time way under budget and that tells you something about the man and what he expects in what he can do so when the pandemic hit very early on we own the The colona virus taskforce and inside the white house in the west wing and so forth knew that the ultimate solution is the president. You and as the cdc ultimate solution was going to be immunizations and we needed to do many many. Other things like p. p. e. protective things and then to laters and all that we must begin immediately developing vaccine is the only way we really stopped this pandemic and so work was begun however I'm not aware of any vaccine. That was developed anywhere close to this maybe two to five years. In some cases some cases ten years twelve years and yet it was done in really approximately nine to ten months and so the question is how did we do that without cutting corners and the answer is very simple number one. The technology and vaccines has advanced tremendously. And using the m are innate. The messenger are in vaccine which moderna adviser are Really help things to make fast and effective. That was number one number two. The president had the idea that we buy down the risk. Normally a pharmaceutical company will develop the vaccine Tested on animals then tested on a few human subjects Wait to see what happens And they would be very careful with ghana investment because many of these just don't work out and and that money is wasted so they typically go very carefully and they wait until fully approved by the fda before they even begin manufacturing. What president trump said and what operation warp speed did under the tutelage of the coronavirus taskforce which is sort of you say Wants to say look. Do it. All in parallel. Let's do it simultaneously. Pick six or seven great candidates vaccines. Let's test them. But let's manufacturer them almost simultaneously and whatever the cost are will be born by government and that was of course developed in the cares act that was passed where billions of dollars was spent to take away that financial risk for for pharmaceutical companies. So we the end the way it was accomplished in record time was to simply say look. Everybody get to work. This is gonna be a public private partnership and it was it took the pharmaceutical companies with their industrial might power and all of the innovation intelligence they head but it took government with its power. That's really the defense production act and many other things to put the resources in place so get all happened so neither one could have done it by themselves but it was all under the careful watch of donald trump or president. I'm going to be up against a break here in just a minute art fleming. But i'd like to go through and get a little granular asked to this process. Kind of time. Line of that. I guess pfizer had the first vaccine that came to market. But when you first start you know you've gotta virus in the early days. We didn't know that much about the virus you know. We were developing knowledge. Just we went along. I don't know what information y'all have presumably a lot more than the public did. But how do you begin. The process of directing these companies in giving them some level of direction as to how to begin this vaccine. Or do the or do you say. Come to us with ideas. What's the germ of that. Well specifically when it comes to developing a vaccine against the virus. what's important is to get the dna footprint of that and again that's another advancement. We have over prior years. Remember that when we developed the polio vaccine. Smallpox vaccine those things. We didn't have that information. We weren't able to determine what the actual dna signature was of the virus so we have many capabilities today so The president turned it over to the nih And to the cdc The experts in this not the political but the experts within these and he said look. We're going to supply all the money you need. And we're also going to engage with the us army which has a big role in vaccine development for obvious reasons because this could be involved in a national emergency which actually was and so. He brought everybody together. And that's when we develop the corona vars task force so all the key members all of the agencies that health and human services thema united states army the military in general all of that under the vice president and ultimately president of the united states so it took bringing all of these experts Together and all the newest technologies and the best minds and putting all.

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