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Okay. Some of these some of these women are one hundred forty miles away where I'm not gonna go where the out at Coachella or what's the other one? What's the country one? All right. Well, let's let's worry about this. Let's get back to the three matches do the feedback show. Congratulations. This is this is this is the match. No, no, not. All right. So fun. Yeah. Okay. Then Adam pine also said that he wants to be in the crew for his cousin who's also on ship so match me so much. I'm doing so much shipping right now. Okay. All right back to the edge of extinction. And we got to see a big confrontation this week where we saw ream finally got the opportunity to confront Kelly Wentworth about what was going on. Yes. The game. Okay. So let's listen in on reams conversation after Kelly had just gotten done opening up. How how hard this experience has been. This was how reinfect about the whole thing. Finally. Kelly. I don't know what the hell took them. So long house trying to do that date three which ended up getting me out. I mean. She's just so past finally Kelly. I was that was nobody even gave me reddish to give Kelly shit this whole time. So they took the my idea and ran with it only took them one seven more days to figure that out. Them. Stupid job really happy that finally went down. Oh, bravo. Bravo. Okay. So she's about comma here. But then she's also gonna talk about karma. It's a little confusing. I know she's a little salsa self dying. If I were asking these questions and confession, you if you were the producer. Just like, oh is gold. Keep going, rob. Bravo. Liars. Charles light. Listen did. Anytime said ream remote. Listen, listen, Dan. You're comes karma today. That's what happened belly of not gonna lie to you. Sure you. Kelly. I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm sure you picked up on if you pick up on it. I'm telling you right now. But I'm sure you did just in case, you can't tell I'm not happy with you. This is the beauty of education for me. You have to go there. And then you have to then have then Reims there waiting for you. She I had this image of rain like she's like in prison, and you know, she's just pissed off at everybody who put her in prison or whatever. And just could you imagine living with Riemann a cell or like jail cell or prison? It'd be miserable reminds me of one of those orange is the new black characters right, but familiarity like in like, I a lot of hazing if you wanna call it that when you get to jail while she seizing them right now. This is almost like that you are running into like you're going to not the bully..

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