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J. Just when you think a story can't get weirder, it does now What is going on in in Wauwatosa has been an absolute in my opinion travesty for the last couple months, and it's happened with the blessing of the mayor. It's happened with the tacit support of the fire and police commission out there. And it's happened with the overt support members of the Common Council. We all know the story. There's AH, There's a Wauwatosa Police officer's name is Joseph MENSA. He's black, and I always just mention that because it takes the racial element of the story. In the last five years, he has been involved in three separate shootings. The first to have been thoroughly investigated by locals and federal authorities, and they found to be justified. 1st 1 was a guy who was attacking officer MENSA with a sort that the 2nd 1 with somebody who was in like a parking lot wall with Kosa had a loaded hand gun next to him, apparently reached for the gun officer MENSA shot. The third situation happened in February. Security guards had lost control of the situation in Mayfair. They called the police There's a 17 year old who apparently was according to the police in possession of a stolen handgun, and he fired it at the police, including Officer MENSA. Officer MENSA returned fire Killed Kit Unfortunate story, but The family. Of the 17 year old maintains that didn't have a gun didn't shoot. Okay, Wallet, Cosa Police have said. They are very confident that officer mince is going to be clear, All right, But the matter has been under investigation for months and months. I don't know why the district attorney is dragging his feet, but that's another story here. But regardless even though There is no basis at least this time for finding any wrongdoing. You've had the mop, and it's a small number of people who have demanded that officer Mintz would be charged. They've demanded that he be fired. They've made numerous attempts to close down Mayfair and have succeeded. They've been allowed to do that, because the police department's essentially been ordered to stand down. And they've been conducting these loud, violent these loud protests demanding all this action against Officer mints that that is the backdrop of this So what happens over the weekend is the mop and we're not talking about hundreds or thousands of people were talking about the usual suspects and in it's like 50 or 60 people who were doing some of these tactics in Milwaukee, and we're allowed to get away with them. So they decide they're going to go out to that. The place where officer mental lives with his His girlfriend in Wallich Osa. Now beforehand, there's all these fit. There's Facebook stuff with some of the protest organizers there at this target store, and they're buying tons of toilet paper. So the idea is, we're going to go out to this house. And we're going to. We're going toe toilet paper that house and if you watch videos of this, it's it's just It's just amazing because there's videos of this yellow is people with these rolls of toilet paper. They're throwing toilet paper into the trees and things like that. It's it's like I don't know a cheerleader initiation in for a freshman cheerleader who's made the team in high school, But these air supposedly adults who are out there in their screaming and they're trespassing on the property, etcetera, etcetera. A couple of these people come armed to this. You do not come armed to a peaceful protest. I'm sorry, but but they're just they. What's happened is you have these protesters that were allowed to do this outside of former Chief morale is his house. They've been allowed to just do this. They've been allowed to close down Mayfair Mall in the wallet. Toast. Authorities have not done anything about them. So they're more and more emboldened. So the story that the police Tel Is that what happens is you've got all these people that are running onto the his property there. Throw in the toilet paper. They're screaming. They're chanting, etcetera. He goes out to engage them and try to calm them down at which point in time, he says. Officer MENSA says he's attacked and somebody Somebody ends up firing a shotgun blast through his back door. All right, brings us to state representative David Bowie, who has been on the scene and a lot of these thieves different protests. Rohan, who admits he was there. But he didn't see the shooting. He goes on TV. And he says, Well, I'm looking at this story in today's, T and J for that officer ments that came out with a level of aggression that did not match any of the actions of the folks that were there. By the way, there are videos. You could see all these people running in there throwing stuff and they're screaming and they're yelling. People were there to advocate for changes What Bowen says the same way they've done it. For the last 70 days, Police say about 60 people surrounded the property and vandalized it and his men to try to talk to the crowd. He was physically assaulted before someone fired a shot at the back door. Um Bowen, who says it was Joseph MENSA that decided to pull the trigger on somebody else's firearm. According to Bowen, who acknowledges he was there but says he didn't see this. MENSA took somebody else's shotgun, released the safety and pulled the trigger and shot him still shut the door himself. You just You can't make this stuff up. Bowen says he didn't see the actual shooting, but claims to know people. He who who did, he said. What he did see was this before men trying to sic his dog on the protesters and him used pepper spray on them all in response to the protesters throwing toilet paper. All right now, First of all, the Wauwatosa place is going to be coming out with a statement. But they've essentially said that that what with the state representatives saying really doesn't hold water. They're going to go into all the details. If you watch the video of this, it's very apparent that you have a group that is completely And totally out of control, and I don't know. I mean, I started off as a federal prosecutor. The idea that somebody goes out right? Somebody's brought a shotgun to a peaceful protest, and the target of the protest is going to I don't know removed, take off the safety and pulled the trigger on that other person. Shotgun seems to be a bit of a stretch, but that's that's not really the aspect of this, that that kind of caught my attention. At some point in time. You would hope that elected officials Would act with a degree of maturity. You would expect that people who are elected to office would I don't know, have more impulse control than that of a fruit fly. You would expect that people who are elected to office, which would at least try to pretend to be the grown ups in the room. So if you watch some of the Facebook stuff that was out there, and this is again it's fueled by social media. You have some of these activists there at the target. We're buying toilet paper. We wait, Wait till you see what's next. We're gonna convict boy over here. All right, so they're going out and I think everybody would agree. That whether the intention Wass to beat up Officer MENSA and blow a shotgun round through his back door that the intention was we're going to go out to this private residential house and we're going to take silly string and retake toilet paper and we're going to. We're going to tp the house and we're going to just run all over the property that that's what we're going to do in the name of peaceful protest. All right. So everybody acknowledged, is that they were out there to vandalize the house, right. Everybody acknowledges that and this state representative David Bowen. He's out there with him. Okay, let's let's put aside that the shooting and all that sort of stuff. I mean violence or not. What is a state representative? Do it be doing there in the first place? I mean, most people Even state representatives learned to stop toilet papering houses after their junior year in high school, And yet that that's what's going on out there and get a I think I think once the whole details of.

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