Payton Lee, UK, President Trump discussed on Stuff You Should Know


They did was to set up this new law which was payton lee unconstitutional is called the what was the called the uk it fire that do law why did he adds pay that's basically the gist of it um the 10year act i believe is where the other tenure of office act so you know when when a president comes in and they appoint like cabinet members or you know a supreme court judge or something they can pick the person but the senate has to either confirm or sayed none out this one right right so the the senate has confirmation powers in the president's ability to hire the constitution even says it in there the constitution that is to say anything about firing those appointees and so it had long been that the president could fire whoever of their employees appointees he wanted to russia so what the what the radical republicans did was passed a bill that said you if you hire some if you appoint somebody we get to confirm if you try to remove somebody we you we have to approve that as well and again that it was just it was just flew in the face of the constitution as we know it and um the uh the right away andrew johnson fired his secretary of war edwin stanton and um he was impeached right out rather the gate that that's me the reminds me of when uh earlier this year when jared kushner was taking his first big tour of the white house after the election um from her lucky met all the abbaba employees and was like oh so like how many these people are going to be staying on nobody.

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