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Antonio on I lay here for your I don't think it was late in here. I don't think it was during the playoffs. I was in season on. You did a really great guest spot on me. I remember me as a pretty damn good MBA player. That was a great story told us about He won his Campion Kip in San Antonio started career in San Antonio thinks himself was the spur has lived in San Antonio, his whole life. But the best season he ever had was with Seattle coach by Nate Millon in a year where they weren't supposed to make the playoffs and even got a first round win before getting eliminated by San Antonio. Great story by Antonio Daniels and I remember a short live for game career with 76 years as a 30 year old, just tryingto hang in trying to finish off in N ba career. Very nice guy, and I think a very solid guess I touch him every once in a while in Siri's Except MBA radio as well, So we'll get Antonio on again when the playoffs for all around that's a promise coming up next hour run, flatter will join us. One of my horse racing buds from Ah, recent Vegas Information Stats Network and you also doing some work for the horse race nation these days and in our ports and fire alarm will get a little bit more baseball. Inundated with Kyle Glaser, national writer for Baseball America, So three good guests yet to come forward will be open.

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