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Case he was spectacular to watch but in these quarterback confidence rankings the tennessee titans or the fifteenth best in terms of confidence going into 2018 quarterback group in the national football league look at this crap this guy wrote dan glaviano quarterbacks under contract marcus mario to matt castle new offensive coordinator was in atlanta two years ago and matt ryan what mvp and in los angeles last season when joerg laugh started clicking his presence should help mario development while the number to overall pick didn't have the 2017 season a lot of people were hoping he'd have three more interceptions the touchdown passes that's all you'll need to look out for confidence next year what are you talking about the in grozny yano 15th who number one of the afc south i wouldn't take more mario and over white boral's he thought last year is going to change all of a sudden because of some random got a madloba those are gummy now he data they go back out mattioli told me about how i can do that on front at school get the hell out of here also throwback of his back hassle morale going to get hurt castles gonna play castle socks you might be the worst quarterback in the league even as a backup he's trash just what she had a wretched football player but the titans the titan hype the titan propaganda machine it never ends it never effing ends they are the the the quarterback group but this guy's most coveted then going into the 2018 season i guess so many teams are in between them and the next afc south team one two three four five five five spots the bucks the bengals the rams niners ravens and then it was up next it's the indianapolis colts from his grozny auto clown indianapolis with andrew lock who has not played in over a year to kobe breasts sat not brisket as the backup who wasn't terrible last year and that he has this terrible wind to open everything up which i think he believes as the.

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