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Had some tennis yesterday. That i was watching it. I was kind of going in and out. You've got yoka. Vich shoe a won. The french open is nineteenth major. And that's one shy of the all time record. That's currently shared by roger federer. Rafa doll in yoka vich or jovic is thirty. Four and has a great chance to surpass his to longtime foes. We spent a lot of time talking about tiger woods. Chasing jack nicklaus and that major but in america. Men's tennis majors aren't a topic. That's because none of the big three are american. And we've invested in serena williams but it's a tricky record to wrap your head around jovic better than pete sampras or rod laver bjorn borg the sport. They played a day as a whole lot different than it was thirty or forty years ago. Health medicine allow these players to compete for a longer period of time and the racket. Certainly help as well. We all know for sure that yokich jovic is an all time player and all time athlete no matter how much we don't talk about tennis and him also to be able to do it. In the era where you have nadal and federer who have one thirty nine majors between them and then you get djokovic. Who i mean. It's pretty incredible that you're able to win. It'd be like if somebody played in the tiger woods era and they one nine majors but they didn't tiger just dominated everybody. These are two of the greatest players of all time. You can make a case that federal is the greatest player of all time but in his era joke a bitch has nineteen grand slams. Having rivals helps didn't feel like pete sampras had rival. they're connors mcenroe bjorn borg yvonne. Lindow you know having that rivalry. That's what you wanna chris. Evert with martina. I don't know if serena's really had arrival but to be able to have. That rivalry makes those victory. Stand down even more and you have nadal. Who's the greatest clay court player of all time. And you dusty moth in four sets federer the to me is still the greatest player the although you can make a case in a different air rod laver was the greatest player of all time. But with what better. And i the the reason why i go back to federer is when i asked pete sampras about this years ago i said what do you think of federer and he said he will attempt shots that i can't even think about like i don't even have that in my imagination and he's he's attempting though shots pulling those off. That says an awful lot about here's sampras. With what sixteen grand slam events looking at roger federer and just the fact that what. He does how he does it. He's doing things that i wouldn't even think of doing is far as a shot there but joe bitches incredible i mean really at. That's it didn't look like he was working up sweat and he always looks like he's he's visiting a country club. He's going into play tennis at the club. Sherzer perfectly starched increases in his his shirt that he was wearing his hair. He doesn't look out of sorts at all whereas the doll did. The doll looked like he played. You know ten sets but a. That's pretty impressive. That's nineteen majors. He's thirty four years of age but to have these three. That's remarkable now. You go back to boxing where you had sugar ray tommy hearns. You had marvelous marvin hagler to win. Titles in that era. Because that's who you had to go through. That's pretty incredible now. They don't face each other's many times as you do in tennis but what joe kebich did yesterday was pretty pretty impressive. Yup oh you're right about jokes..

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