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Twitter? I'm checking out right now. Feeling good about him. He got one, right, Gotha. Snide CBS is Super Bowl season continues on Sunday with an exciting doubleheader. I you've got the game. We just talked about. Pat's titans, then you've got an NFC western showdown between the Seahawks and the division leading LA. Rams. The action kicks off with the NFL today presented by Jeep at twelve eastern nine Pacific. That's one of my topics. The Rams so I've got my rance. I've got four rats coming up on the NFL on CBS will be back in New York for that. You wanna make sure you check it out show is great so much fun to do twelve eastern nine Pacific on CBS. Good doubleheader day on Sunday. Bengal coming up at forty past. So let me share some thoughts on the rockets were ten games in ten games into the rockets season. We had a conversation a couple of topics top number one. The rockets are not off to the start than anybody expected their foreign six that is lost to a Russell Westbrook. Less thunder team by eighteen didn't have Russ, and they still beat them by eighteen the defense has been a mess. Their offense is not much better. Chris Paul looks like he got old fast. In fact, overnight. How bad is their offense last night? There were held the eighty eighty points. Mike the Antoni had two words describe his offense. Yuck. And anemic. Forget for a minute that a grown man just utter the word, yuck. You ever think you'd see a day where a Mike d offense would be referred to as anemic. Mike Antoni within a Nemec offense. I'm unsure when you think about his defense. You think about words like matador porous? But when it comes to the offense, I would never think anemic would come to mind, you never expect that offense to be anemic. Now attempt dialing it up. That's pretty shocking something nobody saw coming. Right. So they're not getting it done offensively. We knew they wouldn't be that good defensively. But offensively they're anemic and yuck. Topic? Number two. Carmelo Anthony off to the start though did everybody expected some decent night's but more often than not some really pad nights. And that continued last night in Oklahoma City. Now, let me preface this by saying taking a run at Carmelo is like taking a run in Nate Peterman these days, and that's a compliment to Nate Pete. And a plain fact about mellow. He's thirty four going on fifty four the future hall. Famer and one of the best ever. Do it is playing like a future unemployed bills quarterback? So I've tried to reserve judgment. I've tried to hold off on saying anything at all. Because it's just too easy. It would have been so easy to crack. Back on Melo for saying that he'd be open to coming off the bench when everybody knows that's the last thing he wants to do it would have been easy to point out that he's a colossal defensive liability. And then what he does have left offensively would never make up for the damage. He does on the defensive end. But now, we're at the point where it's still easy is just too hard to ignore especially when he makes his return to okay, see, everybody likes to talk about what a big deal. Those revenge games. Are you know, the game where guy goes back to the team that he used to play for and abuses them Rex them? Last night was one of those games for mellow going back to okay, see, I mean that had to be really emotional there had to be a ROY trying experience. I mean, so many memories. Barely more memories in. Okay. See then from his brief stint with the Atlanta Hawks. So I'm guessing it must have been the emotions that got the better of him. Because that was not a very good performance. Not great. In fact, not great at all legendarily bad one for eleven two points all for six from beyond the arc in twenty minutes. Not exactly Vinnie. The microwave Johnson. Not exactly heating up quickly off the bench. Maman is no hibachi. He's a freezer. He's Trevor Pryce a night where he had one made basket in eleven shots, man. That's bad night. A night we had one made basket. And even that made basket came on a goaltending. Call hope. Brutal was that on his one hoop on the one basket. He did make the ball did not actually go through the hoop. It's amazing. You can put that two point night right up there with Wiltz one hundred point game because that's something that will never happen ever again. But in his defense, at least he had five assists. That's good. If your shot's not going down, you better do something to help your team. You better be setting everybody else up await those five assists. That wasn't last night. That was on the entire season five assists for the season, five assists in ten games. A sweet half of assists per game. That's not going to help the ball hog rep is it and sure the haters are going to point out that Melo as more miss shots. Then he has made shots, right? Who doesn't sorry? The haters actually are going to point out that he's got more miss shots that he has made shots, assists, and blocks combined. That's not a good stat line. In other words, his biggest stat contributions are missing shots at one end and giving up buckets on the other end. That's not good as for last night mellow did have an explanation. Quote, I missed those looks some open joints some open shots. I missed as a team. We didn't shoot the ball. Well tonight extremely poor. I think that kind of got us to or got to us a little bit. Our energy our spirit was little down. Because of that quote. Agreed the spirit was a little bit down. So we're mellow shooting numbers. Again, ROY ten games in and it's not unusual to see vets start slowly mellow knows. It's a marathon and not a sprint. But there have been few sightings of that. Majestic beast known as Olympic mellow in almost no sign of defensive mellow. I'm not sure that ever existed. What if it did it certainly is not shown up in Houston? Carmelo Anthony is never going to be confused with Dennis Rodman is a lockdown defender. But in okay see day could hide him with multiple elite defenders on the court. But not with the rockets were they switch everything in every opponent goes right at mellow now. Mellows that perfect combination of too slow for quick guys. And too small for big guys, which means he's eight gigantic target on the court. But at least he's making up for it on the offensive end every single night. No, he's not. He was a goaltending. Call away from an over eleven shutout. I'm not gonna say mellow to Houston is a disaster because it is a long season. They been busted up and suspended, but they're four and six in that conference when you're already looking up the pelicans the Lakers, the jazz and the kings it gets late early. And when Melo is going one for eleven. Seven and only scoring on a goaltending. Call it gets really late really early. And when you're losing by eighteen to okay, see, and they don't have Russell Westbrook. It might already be too late. That's not the revenge game. He was looking for. One for eleven and the one shot was goaltending. Call and on the goaltending called a bald name go through the hoop. Jeremy and Scott tweets seems like yesterday that the rockets were so good. They were capable of shooting seven for forty four from deepening game, seven yours. Trevor Aretha, that's true. There were seven for forty four in game seven of the conference finals, and a reason when over nine from beyond the arc. He finished over twelve in that game. It does seem like yesterday. Hey, jim. Brady and the hood are definitely going to score on Butler. I scored with Danny yours. Ben after liquorice. So really idiotic Email Brett really idiotic breath from bug Ah-ha rash free. You got have better things to do than bring me down every single day. Brett, you may like this show. But the show doesn't like you, man. Stop emailing me. Stop tweeting me. Dear Jim, please. Let the record show. We were only scratching ourselves signed peewee Herman. George Michael J, Stewart, his college friends. Look, I'm I'm well aware of that story involving that Vegas broadcaster. And that he got picked up for following himself. I'm well aware of it just got better things to talk about. Much better things to do. And it's all about including running down my man, Ben Gulliver, which is what I'll do next. Talks more NBA. Florida state Notre Dame a seventeen and a half points bread. Never thought that I would see that. Notre Dame has very good. Look, the playoff try and get that story in for you. Also baseball see Bill James get on the wrong side of pretty much. Everybody a guy that was so admired. Saying the players had pretty much nothing to do with the Red Sox wanting at all. The players that you went deeper than that. I'll try and get that story out. So you too. First up though, here is a bottom. They are sports update for you. Chris lopresti anchors. This. Sports play with a rough Thursday night in Oakland with.

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