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Vehicles of states policy terms and conditions of taking a look at KSFO traffic. This report is sponsored by mattress firm Hayward. It's a big rig in a car that collided on 8 80 north beyond before the 92 connector. Everything's been moved to the right hand shoulder. But there's a lot of break tapping going on starting right around Industrial Parkway. Just standard slowing on the Skyway on East Van 80 from fifth Street onto the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. Westbound 80 through Berkeley. Traffic gets a bit tight right around University Avenue to the maze. San Jose. It's a van with a flat tire. It's been moved over to the center divider on CNN, one before Blossom Hill Road and Windsor. Someone lost a very large cooler in the middle lane on south, Um, 1 to 1 That's before Windsor River Road. Get a King bed for a queen price. That mattress firm save up to $500 during their best Labor Day sale ever on top rated brands like Silly and Sleepy's Plus, get a free adjustable base. When you spend 6 99 or more with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Are you one of those people who thinks it's okay to Dr Stone? I mean, what's the worst That can happen? You end up driving below the speed limit. It's no big deal. Right wrong. The truth is your reaction time. Slow way down. When you're high. You're not only put yourself in danger, but everyone around you talk about it was killed. Stop kidding yourself. It's not okay to drive high. If you've been using marijuana in any form, do not get behind the wheel. If you feel different, you drive different drive high. Get a DUI paid for by Nitsa. Everybody. Jay Farner here CEO of rocket, mortgage and rocket companies. Last year, we saw historically low mortgage interest rates..

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