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Welcome back to the. Gmc soccer podcast. If you missed the last segment we talked about the gold cup. I give you my experience at the gold cup. Preliminary rounds and just talked about how the How the competition has gone so far. And who i believe is gonna come out on top of you guys. Want to check that out. Please go ahead and do so. But now we're getting into the good stuff. The top ten senator defensive midfielders in the world One of the most important positions as it deals with you know anchoring the defense helping out the in the back line but also being able to push the ball forward and get the ball in the right position to start the attack so These are very important players in each of their squads. So let's get started with number ten a guy who has been on this type of list for a while now and that as sergio boost gets compared to last year's list i had skits at number six so he's dropped four Four spots in the rankings. But i mean he's still an amazing senator defensive midfielder one of the best passers on this list with ninety one point seven pass. Completion percentage per ninety minutes. That's in the ninety six percentile any completes pretty much. The most passes that anyone at this position with ninety six passes per game He's super good at getting the ball. Forward finding the right players in the attack to to get it started those progressive passes. He gets about seven point five completed per ninety minutes. It's in the ninety eighth percentile. And he's still a very solid defender not at the best of the best anymore but he still gets about. Two point five tackles for ninety minutes in the sixty seventh percentile. And about one point five aerials errol duels one per game. That's in the sixty nine th percentile One of the smartest guys on this list as you would expect for for a while still and even lovely guy you need to get five assists. You could tell that he still one of the better playmakers at this position Sergio sketches to someone that you know even at thirty three years old can still play with the best of them and that's why he's there at barcelona and is an integral piece to what they do and and why. They had a resurgence throughout the season. So sergio skits comes in at number ten and number nine. We have a new player on the list. We have georgina. I feel like the gino gets a lot of hate for you. Know just being a little inconsistent at times but he is still one of the best. Senator defensive midfielders in the world needs to be recognized as such and he's also one of the best penalty. Kick takers in the world with that. Little hope hop gather before he goes and takes the kick although his save is a his goal is penalty kick was saved at the most recent euro finals He's still able to win that and now he's got a champions league final win and euro win in twenty twenty one Pretty great resume for the year so far and should be in the discussion for balloon or his play. Continues this way But you just look at what he does. He's he's one of the better defenders at this position gets about two point one interceptions per ninety minutes. That's in the ninety four th percentile. He's also an incredible passer graded you know controlling the temple. The game you want someone that that makes you feel at ease and controls the tempo and doesn't turn over the ball very often. Dzhergenia is that type of guy. He passes it very author. Seventy three point four passes per game and completes almost ninety percent of them. That's up a ninety. One eighty nine percentile among midfielders over the past year. He's also very good at getting. Those progressive passes out. And like i said man to go along with with pretty much. Guaranteed penalty kicks. He is amongst the best and he doesn't mind getting his body in the way almost two blocks per ninety minutes it's in the eighty first percentile and he's also very good tackler and he puts a lot of pressure on the ball. He's got a great work rate and can do a lot of different things on the field. And it's just one of those midfielders that chelsea would not have been as good as they were the season without At number eight we have marcello broke. This is one of my favorite midfielders from last season. Didn't have as crazy as over year but still was absolutely integral inter. Milan's said he Title-winning season he does fall three spots under his. I believe five Last season so you know didn't have as great of a year but it also has to do with some other guys that are just absolutely bald this past season You know he's an amazing playmaker gets about eighty seven point. Five percent of his passes completed about seventy six passes per ninety minutes The progressive passes are incredible. He knows how to get guys the ball in transition and on the run six point three progressive passes almost six point. Four per ninety minutes in the ninetieth percentile and you look at his contributions on the offense event. I mean among the champion between the champions league and said he's got seven assists and two goals can do a little bit of everything. The only thing is that his defense was not act that same level this season as it was last season. That's why dropped him a bit But he still incredible. Senator central defensive midfielder Twenty eight years old still has a chance to be at the top of this list. is an incredible talent. And i feel he's one of the good ones out there man. I mean a guy that can do a little bit of everything just needs to get a little bit more consistent on that defensive end but i mean what he does with. The ball is almost amongst the best on this list entirely so marcello but also comes in at number eight and number seven. We have a guy that i listed near the. I think i had him at top three last season. But you know some injuries certainly did not help but he was still amongst the best if not the best defender in the in the midfield. This season wilfred indeedy dropped four spots from his From from where. I had him last year. Still an incredible passer. Eight percent pass completion That's an eighty first percentile. So he's great with the ball but the number one thing that that makes wolford indeedy so good is his ball winning ability just as ability. Interceptions tackles put pressure on the ball. Get put his body in the way. Whatever you need he can do it. He's in the ninety eight or ninety. Seven percent tile and above in tackles with four point two almost four point three per ninety minutes interceptions with two point four blocks with two point six in clearances with about three per ninety minutes and he's also very good in the air. So i mean you want an anchor. That's wilfred indeedy. And the only reason he's in seventh and not in the top five is because of the injuries yet to deal with this season so he couldn't off get off the.

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