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What why do i said gimme grams production has declined each of the last three years why do you think that's the case paul knows exactly well you probably are going to have this correct what is it the simple drew brees versus russell wilson you ever premier nfl quarterback against the guy who's about the eighteenth twentieth best player in the in the league at that position also new orleans is a team that throws the ball almost every play seattle is a run first type of opeds one of the reasons why you're gonna see the production of a guy go down when he goes to new orleans to seattle is just the nature of how those teams play their games seattle also has traditionally had a much better defense in new orleans therefore was playing more from you know they didn't have the same need to put a million points up on the board one would think the jimmy graham coming to green bay now with aaron rodgers is the quarterback will put up the kind of numbers that he put up in new orleans age he's thirty what that's a little old to be giving a guy a lot of money and betting the franchise on on the other hand the guy they're letting go is even older jordy nelson i think if you asked me who the better football player and better receiver is right now i would say it's jimmy graham if you ask me the biggest downside on this it would be the jordy nelson i think rogers and nelson rogers may jordy nelson better than jordy nelson was because aaron rodgers new but jordy nelson strengths word he knew where it could put it we throw the ball exactly to him and i think that they had over the years they developed a symmetry or a chemistry that made them a very effective dual and i don't know that you can automatically have that happen instantaneously i will say that this is a much better move than ken thompson himself made last year when he tried to improve the tight end position when he brought in the two malcontents in martellus bennett and kendricks i will give this a thumbs up as well that's an initial response we have to take a look at all the moves they make and i do think.

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