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Really thinking about pitfalls or anything. I really like to go with my first impulse. Yeah? And I mean, I think you were, there was no backlash, was there for doing all you were pretty. Well, here's the thing. I mean, you can't. Pay inequality is not a difficult subject to talk about. It's not partisan. And you can't really disagree with it. Right. A woman's right to choose, however. You got a little popular. Well, anyway, it's been interesting though. Just with each one of these crazy things that have wrapped the industry, you've been pretty, you've had a front row seat for better or worse, but all right, Fosse verdon so great. This is an 8 part limited series 2019 and I wonder, I guess I was gonna say it's like your first time doing TV since Dawson's creek, but the truth is it's like a totally different world and TV, right? Yes, that's what they were telling me. That's why you were willing to entertain it. Yes, they said it's not a long contract. People, yeah, lots of interesting content being created on television now and for me, I have always been looking for jobs that keep me at home in New York City. We moved from the country back to Brooklyn at a certain point and my daughter's life and I she has stayed. She has never left school for as long as we've been living back in Brooklyn. She has stayed in her community with her friends and that's because I've really sought out work that would keep me at home. And so, you know, a lot of this theater, greatest showman. These are opportunities that I was very excited about, and they also, and then doubly excited because they really worked for my family. Yeah. And again, same with Fosse, there I am, and I get to work at home. I know exactly where I'm going to be for the next 6 months. And connecting cabaret greater showman and Fosse verdon. I mean, would you have ever imagined, let's say, a few years even just before cabaret that you would be putting yourself out there singing and dancing and doing stuff that, I mean, it doesn't seem like that was the trajectory. No, absolutely not. You know, but I did, you know, the first, like I said, the first thing that I ever saw that made me want to act was a kids musical production. So there was something in me that was inclined in that direction. And that was sort of maybe secretly waiting or hoping. And there's a lot of joy in singing and dancing. When you sing and you dance, you feel like a child, you feel free. There's so much going on that you don't really have time to think critically because you are absorbed and rhythm and melody and time passes. Yeah. With brokeback, I think your character ages, I don't remember how many years, but not as long as no, not as long as from 1955, I guess when she and Fosse meet until 87 when he literally dies in her arms, so 20 two years was that aspect of it.

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