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On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the Omega particle streaming to the Alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The Anchorman of the federation the Doctor of lifting this is Jonathan began. Welcome to you mega particle. It's OK P P you know me yes I am your host Jonathan weakened the guiding light for the Star Trek universe in this troubled dime. Welcome to the Omega Particle and yes. We are broadcasting today again on the eastern coast of the United States in my trek recording bunker or as to call it my garage today. I'm really excited about this episode. It's one of my personal favorite hobbies to read about and learn about Got Hooked on college and no. We're not talking about Mario Kart. We're talking about economics and this has been one of the subjects I've had on my bucket lists to cover ever since I started this podcast this past February so I'm excited to dive deep into the economics of the Federation as for now this will just be a one episode into the Federation. I've thought about making more episodes on. Maybe the Klingons Farang e or things like that. But I don't know if it takes off will Possibly do that. Who knows but for now? I'm just going to enjoy the federation because I was Actually having this Google hangouts with some lifelong friends from college and of the Big Trek Fans. There was actually like man. I'm excited for this subject. It seems really cool. Had questions about like Desert Federation money. What about scarcity in the federation o-man hold onto your hats? We're going to cover all that my friends. This will be very depth economic talk. So if you're not used to that To cover it make it. Layman's terms possible. It's really not that complex discovering super big questions like how people work in and do those kind of crappy jobs and no one wants to do in the federation if you don't have to work and how is the signing evolved to the point where They don't have to have money or resources. Have ANY SCARCITY ISSUES? The normally drive economies so We're going to cover all of that today. I'm excited to do so and just remember. You can always reach us at mega particle podcasts on Instagram and at Mega particle underscore on twitter Again thank you so much for following in just keeping up with the podcast means a lot. Yeah let's get into the economics of the federation before. I really dive deep into the economics of the federation one of the ways. I can help us as give you an a kind of a an insight into my economic mind and they've definitely been shaped by people. Like Friedrich Hayek Known Freeman Thomas Soul. Definitely read some piketty to be as well rounded as possible and those to me are some of the Great Economic Minds of the Twentieth Century in the twenty first century. However now we're moving onto the twenty four th century and it's a little change of pace than what we're normally used to hear at a P P but I'm excited to cover it and thank you for coming along for the ride. So basic economics states that we live in a world of limited resources so that creates the scarcity that there's only so many limited things out there pretty much that we have to dictate how their spent and we do that now through currency and money and that is one of the ways that economies are built. How do we deal with this scarcity scarcity issues and there're several we've covered on earth such as capitalistic free market to socialism and Marxism to mixture of Capitalistic Socialist in Europe? That's hot right now. Don't worry we're not going to get super political or dive deep into that or which is better which is worse or anything like that when he came it. Strictly in the twenty four century baby. And we're not gonNA dive into the things that plague our facebook feeds and our twitter feeds news news news. This is For me personally star. Trek is an escape. And that's what it's GonNa be today's well today. We'll be covering just GONNA laid out for some and I mentioned in the intro a little bit kind of how does money work in the federation our goods and services provided for how do they deal with scarcity. Do they even trade? Why do they trade? How do they trade? And what's the philosophy of their economic system like what drives it? What's going to get people to go to work? And those are simple questions. We answered our own economies today. But it's a little bit different when you have limitless resources like They do in the Federation in the twentieth century. So today we're going to cover some clips from a famous. Tng episode and Star Trek first contact. Where Picard is describing life in the twenty th century how they have no need for money how humans evolved out of that. And how? We're better for it kind of just get a foundation first and foremost from captain himself. So let's play that and I'm GONNA to back to back and we'll cover from there. That's what all this is about. A lot of change in the past three hundred years people are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things. We've eliminated hunger. Walked the need for possessions. Grown out about infancy. Got It all wrong. It has never been about possession. It's about power power to do what to control your life. Your destiny kind of controlled is an illusion. Economic future is somewhat different. She money doesn't exist in the twenty. Th Century money pain BECUA- session of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to petro south on the rest of humanity..

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