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Coming soon washy what does she a major new podcast series i'm not just wish you spy death in ice meli won't listen tease a forty seven year old mystery ed balls like a cover such for death in ice value wherever you find your podcast you can hear the preview now subscribe now and you won't miss the fest episode this is the global news pump cost from the bbc world service i'm alex robinson and in the early hours of tuesday the third of april these are our main stories tributes being paid to winnie mandela in south africa and around the world following her death at the age of eightyone she's been described as a colossus of the antiapartheid struggle though she was also a controversial figure shares in us stock market's fallen amid growing fears about a trade war with china also in this podcast some of the junk will be uncooperative in the sense that it's tumbling and using a harpoon just a fire outed puncture it that may be the simplest way of dealing with that kind of problem the satellite that hopes to grab the thousands of tons of manmade rubbish orbiting the i to south africa crowds have been gathering outside the home in soweto of winnie mandela to celebrate the life of the antiapartheid campaigner who's died at the age of eightyone have family described her as an icon of the struggle against white minority rule as the crowd sang and danced the governing anc through south africa's energy minister jeff radebe paid this tribute she was really a colo colossus.

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