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Media that that. Dna has been left in nineteen eighty five when the when the first year the need and had a national team. And it's never left so I think the important things to ask their history of the team because it's truly routed into Every time we put on the Cross because I am beyond honored every time step on to represent the United States and were crossing our heart and every single one of us feel. That too was a pretty good too. You have to refocus after Brazil because there was a lot of disappointments there and I always felt there was a carry-over in a positive way. For the way you all played collectively in two thousand nineteen in the women's World Cup and my Correct an observation. I would say that. Obviously it was really hard. It was a really hard time was some of our first of all actually with the national thing And yet I think I think I opening experienced Going into a tournament especially for me being my first Olympics and And younger ones. I for that matter just being I Really heartbreaking that moment But you know what like I learned so much from it and you did too But I it wasn't like a Oh it. It was not a this is the revenge. It's it's never a revenge of remember so that we can learn keep growing and getting better But yeah it's important for us to explain that to the ambulance who maybe work there Because it is a different. It's a completely different tournament after the World Cup. And it's not that far behind the roof up you know what I mean. You have three years compared to the real fast and you get a short window after World Cup to be able to prepare for Olympics. She's the different tournament completely and and And it's one of the things that you share those stories and learn from them but more more importantly groping them as I mentioned your husband's Zach Ertz is in the national football league. But I WANNA talk briefly about your foundation that you have with him. Tell everybody about that. Yeah sorry was the second year Something I need to watch what Obviously especially in our community that have given us so much Back actually around the missing trip with the Eagles And he said it was in a life changing your life. Changing three and four. I was actually in cancer. Couldn't couldn't go with him but It was like he just saw how how much faith and hope that that that country odd And they didn't have very much and so I remember him calling me around Asian doing do more for our communities with our platform and so Where these mostly in Philly in the bay area and we do some work in Haiti at ball. I just to give back. They gave us and it's just to Help with educational and sports opportunity for Underserved children Julia. I WANNA thank you for joining us here on Sports. Byline have watched you for a long time and it's so much fun to watch. The women play as they do just outstanding collectively as well as individually continued. Good luck to you and I hope you win more fearful World Cup Championships for the Women. Take care and come back again. Join US on sports byline. Thank you so much for having me. Have a great day Julia Roberts with us again. She's a midfielder defender for the United States Women's national soccer team she also plays in the highest division of women's professional soccer in the United States with the Chicago Red Stars and she played her college soccer at Santa Clara University. And at twenty three she was the second youngest member of the two thousand fifteen team where she played every minute of all seven games of that tournament. She was named the fief of women's World Cup all star member and she was also named the US soccer female player of the year. Not once but also twice. We continue with more of you and sports byline not too long ago. It felt good to withdraw your cash from the bank. Didn't it for a vacation or a new car? But today withdrawing your own cash has become risky pat. Boone here Swissamerica. According to the secret war a new Swiss America White Paper. I learned that all banks are now required to spy on you and me for the government and then report any financial behavior deemed suspicious or unusual..

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