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Night for me want to go to McDonalds. Can't wait buddy there's nothing more important. Than family that's why are happy, meals come with an honest kids are Cannock apple juice drink and all the time. In the world now dollars off a one two three dollar menu prices. Participation may vary cannot be combined offer or combo meal Central alarm how can I help you hi. I installed my alarm system myself. Along with a video doorbell the now it's not working so I need help well we only. Sell and service real security systems like alarm dot com alarm dot com, alarm dot com they're the. Biggest smart home, technology player out there it's the best so it's all. We install sounds like you, could use it I definitely could how soon can, you get here hi, I'm Ali one of. The founders of alarm dot com when we started alarm dot com fifteen. Years ago I wanted to offer everyone the same smart home technology I demand for my family. Today alarm dot. Com, is. The largest smart home. Security, company protecting nearly six, million. Homes and businesses our systems? Are, only available from licensed authorized alarm dot. Com service providers design. And, install your system. So you know it's done right. The first time with alarm. Dot com you also. Get professional monitoring twenty four, seven to ensure that you stay protected get. Real protection today visit alarm, dot, com slash music. To find an alarm dot com service provider in your area Today my new dad threw barbecue. Today my new son and I threw a barbecue there were burgers and chicken, I burned everything the, burgers chicken the salad..

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