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I mean, he's still got great hands still sells out gives up his body on every play. He's a pros pro, but he's second to Jerry Rice and a lot of stats, which is amazing considering Jerry Rice spent his career with Bill Walsh. Steve Young Joe Montana, and Larry FitzGerald has spent way too many years catching passes from Gibran as with other Bruny's calling the plays yell at part of me was. To take written on that. I mean, he is so embedded in the community in Arizona. He's he's the most famous player ever from that franchise. And so I get maybe why go somewhere else for that one year that maybe if you're not the best receiver is a forgotten your somewhere else. But why I feel just depressed that he won't have a chance to chase a title with a contender one sees his. I know I know and he chose not to that as an institution. Then let's move on Alex Smith spotted at an NBA game. The wizards I believe he was checking out a wizards game. And he went down to the locker room, and as as you would imagine reporters down there stepping photos, and he had a northerly leg brace. One of those freaky ones where the wires are going into the leg. And it just. Medieval, it's like the worst thing you'd want to have on your leg. I mean, the farthest thing from an evil because it's like, the height of modern, medical technology. But yes, that's the height. Zane like decades, I did some research on this. They've been using whatever this thing is where they they connect the bone because they had the infection. So they had to take out the internal rod and that put on this medieval device that they haven't changed the technology of it in decades. Why just argue I know nothing about the technology itself. But I read about Dr Chow to say that it's, you know, twenty years older, nineteen years old still does not tug us back to medieval times Technic figures being okay? Anyway, long story short. Now, I think let's keep going with. That was good long story. Short. Alex Smith is not out of the woods by any stretch. In terms of surgery and rehab and Bruce L Redskins GM a day after Smith was spotted. Could only offer this at the senior bowl during a practice in mobile, Alabama. He's moving around and well on his way to recovery. It's a tough thing for him and his family all the love and care has helped him quite a bit. We'll see how it goes. We're optimistic if anyone could come back. It's alex. I'm sure he wanted to shoot hoops at the game yesterday. But we'll see his contract is guaranteed for this year. So the Redskins have every motivation to try to help him along in his recovery. But by the terms of the contract they actually have to guarantee his next couple years by March. I would think they'll be able to work something out with the agent to put that date off you would hope or else they're in the spot where they kind of need to cut him because regardless they can't really go into the season with him as their starter. They can't be county on that in April or may Colt. Mccoy's also free agent. I don't know if they really want Colt McCoy to be their starter. So I mean, they are a team if Nick foles was available or teddy Bridgewater, whoever Joe flacco, I don't know that you would. They're going to be one of those teams at the top of the list going for these guys..

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