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Cox. Oh now i get it. Oh that makes sense yeah. It's it's a graphic novel. It's like kim to surprise it. Sounds like lots of things in one but actually it's yes. It's the book really choking hazard very much. Striking has it and do not stick any parts of bubble and and adults blowhole as much. God forgot about that. What is that. Which i just laughed at. How random looking urban legends and stuff like that. i thrown kinder- expert away. And then he gets is like the cans. The six pack last ducks knows. Yeah definitely kill swan. Yeah listen we re very proud of the bubble comic slash graphic novel slash book and. We think it's something that you know if you if you purchase it you wanna keep it on your shelf forever. If for some reason you don't give it away. Donate it to your local library. Do not throw it in. The ocean will get stuck in the falcons blowhole. Yeah yes exactly. It will get stuck in a sea turtles nose. So yes dispose of bubble properly. When you're done with it give it to a friend. Do not flush bubble. This isn't saying no people think to flash rapid in tissue you put it in the band. Wonder if i've been disposing of all my books incorrectly. Looks have you been hurling them in the ocean or flushing them down the toilet. We do have the annual bonfire. The weekly bonfires right. Yeah but that's got a bad carbon footprint so it's no. Yeah no that's okay. That's not safe. As long as i check it for hedgehogs. Yeah genuinely we've been. We've been working on this thing for like a couple of years now including through the very strange to pastry reaches lived through and it's published tomorrow that the july so don't know when this episode going up but publication days tomorrow so this is if we sound gives you the normal. I think it's because we were the end of like we just so excited that it's finally out in the world. Yeah joking toll for them out. Nice and quickly so that you can get that day one initial sales bump he asked you need to probably science bump we wanna we wanna pro science Super sprinter event. Do you know what if you have a subdivision within graphic novels that you could be not that you couldn't be number one in everything on amazon but like like. I bought tom sharply book. And that's number one hundred rock band biographies. He's not. But i don't know if you she was that thing. So that you could have to be the top of some subcategory. Yeah no that's great and you're right that any any any bragging rights are good so yeah let's let's think what ultra specific subcategory. It could go into. Is there a scifi comedy. Gated me satire. Because friends cpa best friends hipster monster slaying great kofi doughnuts mentioned. At least these are all things that are mentioned in the book. There's robots robots arterial blood spray baby mentioning graphic. Doping code is the closest baby guys had baby goats included in that. I can't see. Are there any places that have samples of the interior artwork on the amazon page. I'm not seeing. I'm just shocked the novel. I don't have it now. you don't have to you. don't have to send cash. That's he participated. And andy andy. I'm sticking it in the chat you can take the whole the whole fucking things right. There were teasing the listeners. Who can't click on that that you know encourage them echo and by paper one not any does it look great. Read great smells great. Like a giant does smell good smell so nice. That may be solvent. I may just be speaking high sniffing graphic noble children. Yeah yeah the the we should say. The art is by the great. Tony cliff He does the delilah dirk series. Which are kind of a historical swashbuckling. All ages adventure That would maybe guest. Some probably science listeners are familiar with and the colors. By natalie reese she does the dungeon critters series and she made it. Look all pastel and psychedelic. And and a little. Jack kirby esque i might say so. So yeah it's it's it was. They were they were. It was really cool to work with those two just kind of genius comics folks and they made it look real nice. This is so cool. I can't wait to dig into it if i get a paper copy. Obviously i'm not going to see. I might see jordan more soon but sarah. I'm not going to see you in person for wild because we're stuck in different countries so can. Can you just describe to me how to do your signature. Listen if you genuinely gemini book needs to resign. And for which store. And i was it jordan. We the only thing we had to do. Because we don't get to virtual launch event we have We sent a loaded book plates around the world from me in london to tony in canada to knock in another bits of america and the new in. La was that the end and we did a fracking. When someone sends you grace expense five hundred little bits of paper the sign. Anything we ellen thing. Dan temptation i was going to time this chain. I got barbecue sauce on exactly one so if you The bookstore that you can get those from his called brookline booksmith. They are in massachusetts. If you just google them brooklyn book. Smith's you can you can get that signed by everybody version of it and they arrive because the tweet us tweet me if you get the barbecue sauce. Possibly the most rare the most rare copy of the book. The upside down airplane the right. Yes exactly so. Did you all sign the same plate. Did you stuck with them. You sign them and then they did. I know that there was a chain in both. Who was ten order where they end. 'cause i would be so much more nervous if i was the fourth one on best one i think because they knew how in my head i will get about the whole thing. I came to london and then and then had to it. Round the world's Jordan then tiny madly support for we had the most terrifying but also like they clearly with the the irresponsible writers i in the capital autism. Second the people who like really good not screwing up drawing it was it was a white knuckle event and by the way the podcast is still the full feet of that is still available on my. I have to what i said. Is that not true. Or if you if you wanna listen to the podcast as well bubble. It's still up there. And i think as of this release there will be a new episode. The first new episode in a long long time is up there in the feed Episode we recorded live at sf sketch fest. A couple of years ago. it has canonical. It is yeah. It is is a proper part of the continuity the bubble verse the bible verse. Yes exactly so yeah. There's a yes if you listen to the podcast. It's it's anymore. You get your podcasts. And there's there's new episodes it's got a great cast. I'm sure it's people that probably science listeners. Know got allison becker. We've got christel alonzo. Keith powell from thirty rock mike mitchell from the doboy and just guest star after guest star. Is there any medium that you won't tackle with bubble no any medium cakes who's got a cake pornos. Porno company discuss what the pull imperative. Bubble would be called involve conversation yet. There's any if there's any pornographers out there might have one or two number from the biotech seats and monster slamming fucking. I think i think what pornography is missing world building. Yeah and i think that is something. We're good at so tragic backstory. And we're weaponry. The catalog and file seems like this listeners. If you want to collaborate you know where to find everybody. Don't be shy. It's cover types. Everyone's got to make a buck. So pornographer reach out to ethical. No gratuitous cake decorators. Oh yeah oh yeah any any cakes myths and yeah we can if we can combine the two if we can slip the cake into the pornography somehow you you gotta build the brand anyway you. Can i guess fudgy. The whale could just be rotated in some other orientation discussing anyway. The whale is a sex act that no one really does not once a year on my birthday the wife. Let's me do the old fudgy away. All do for return of the geographic sex acts. I haven't heard you know. Have you heard when attached to a specific city recently. It's been a long time since that was a thing. Oh yeah you're shreveport caper..

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