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Now the rob woodfork Vin Scully, the legendary voice of the Dodgers and WTO alum has died. Scully's play by play career across multiple sports spans 7 decades, no doubt highlighted by his record 67 year run with the Dodgers both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, Scully was 94. We respectfully move on to the nationals long emotional day capped by a 5 one win over the mets just hours after completing a deal, sending Juan Soto and Josh bell to San Diego for a total of 6 players and Mike Rizzo isn't worried about history naming him as the guy who traded a generational 23 year old talent like Soto. Yeah, I was a guy who signed him too. I'll remember one as the guy who was with me when I won my first World Series as a general manager. And now I'm looking to do my next one. Yeah, but our own show on Anderson said in the DMV download, this could be D.C.'s answer to Boston's 86 year curse of the bambino. Today, it's the curse of the childish bambino. When a team gives up on a player like Juan Soto, who could be one of the greatest hitters of all time, you have set your franchise back years. But for one night, the nads enjoyed Luis Garcia's three RBI night and now go for the series victory over the first place Metz with anibal Sanchez, taking the four O 5 first pitch, the mystic slit a half game in front of Seattle for fourth in the WNBA. That thanks to an 83 73 victory over the Las Vegas aces that caps a three in one stretch of four games in 6 days. The Washington commanders had their first batted practice of training camp, but again without Curtis Samuel, details on WTO dot com. Rob woodfork sports. The top stories we're following for you today on WTO. Former Baltimore city cop James weems accused of molesting kids at his wife's day care was denied bail Tuesday. Meantime, Baltimore county police are talking with more potential victims. Metro's new general manager Randy Clark is filling out his team while Marez hired Brian dwyer to be the new chief operating officer responsible for managing daily operations of metro rail metro bus and metro police. Former president Donald Trump's endorsement power is being put to the test as 5 states held primary elections Tuesday. Abortion rights and impeachment consequences are also in play in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington. Stay with WTO as we bring you the primary results. We'll have more on these stories in the minutes ahead. It is three 48. Traffic

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