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Oh yeah oh yeah it was it was because he's michael michael bay i was the president studio we wanted to keep them at the studio and i said you should do pearl harbor and jogos pitch pitch the movie so i pitched this movie i've been thinking since i was fourteen and jogos that's the movie you're going to do michael goes okay and we're off to the races it those were the easiest to it's odd when you say i thought of the movie when i was fourteen by the way like of course you did i mean that's what you do yes no pearl harbor like not a lot of twists like i know how it ends it's no will you know what's so fun ever hera hito with bad hips in front of truman with no place to sit down that's amazing you know what's funny what you should say that because my original pitch of the movie i thought of it when i visited pearl harbor when i was fourteen and if i know what he's done this movie it was so weird and then it took me till i was thirty to make it but the original my original ending was the ben affleck character sacrifices himself for the josh hartnett character they were brothers in my pitch and he crashes the plane into one of the zeros saving his brother's life and that was when the admiral had that famous line we've we've got a bug out we've awoken asleep giant and jerry bruckheimer said that's a bummer of an ending it's like well that's the end the movie and so then he wanted to put the mitchell rate in so the my original ending was them saying wow we've done it now you know like and we all know how it ends jerry wanted there to be a little bit more of a victory at the end but get arguing videri yet no you can't patrie on folks phil green it's usual cast character by the way brad hutchings phil green peter ryan reedmen atari twenty six hundred hero landon lynn sean sarazen michael dunaway my man congrats on your movie buddy.

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