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Know when you play somebody that's not as good as you and you just beat him because you're better than them those things don't matter as much Mr with that there is now a new debate for the fourth spot of the college football playoff also on Saturday beau out weeds for Ellis you Clinton Georgia six thank you Tabitha Colorado forty five to fifteen Oklahoma top Oklahoma state thirty four sixteen Baylor top can't is sixty one to six to improve to eleven in one month for poor take Graciano has agreed to return as the head coach of rockers where he led the program to postseason bowl berth in six of his final seven seasons before leaving to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers any NBA James harden scored sixty points in only thirty one minutes of action the rockets crush the hawks one fifty eight to one eleven the box when their eleventh straight game they top the Hornets one thirty seven ninety six Sixers edge the Pacers one nineteen to one sixteen the kings rally by the beat the nuggets in overtime one hundred ninety seven former NFL receiver Terrell prior underwent surgery yesterday after being stabbed Friday night and he's Pittsburgh apartment he was later arrested and charged with simple assault his girlfriend arrested and charged with criminal attempt homicide and aggravated assault NFL network's Ian Rapoport says forty Niners running back back read it is not expected to play tonight against the ravens as he continues to battle an ankle injury Baltimore tight end Nick Boyle is expected playing that game the cardinals had say that Kyler Murray's good to go for today's game against the rams this is just the jackal this is dear to wear your source for everything and fell we all are CBS sports radio you already listen to us now follow us back extra sports thirteen hundred on Twitter Instagram and Facebook welcome back to the G. K. show on CBS sports radio I thank the local affiliates that stick with the show as often as possible some cut in and out I get it there's money to be made I don't make this program assists youths talk to your local stations if you are so engaged and just make sure that you follow on the show you make choices you make choices do what you want here's John King Katie and I appreciate it when you choose to spend as much time as.

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