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Baseball. Game well it depends all full of plan. Who was there and you again you have. You have a lot of white center in fact well to give you a narrative. A lot of people wanna world is the second second place. Washington senators playing in griffith stated in seventy seven games. This season would not draw as much as the homestead grays who gainsaying park and there were only twenty three days pleasing their grades one nine in seconds negro national league pennants from nineteen thirty cents. A nineteen forty-five wilson. Sam bankhead holidays mood. Dust gets in brooklyn and up both type of players. And they were. They were just a dynamite. Let me ask you a question from a societal standpoint. I was. I thought about this and thinking about talking to you. Am i correct in assuming that for african americans black people of this country during that period of time. This was almost an equality. Move being able to play the game and being able to watch it because the whites had their game but african americans had their game as well and it put them on an equal level with the white people. Hey where there was no nba. There's no national. We're undergoing baseball. That's all we had. So if you take the athletes playing baseball today and they move into playing and basketball and baseball you'd have the same scenario. We dominating baseball dominant in the other sports. But we're not playing baseball. I wanna talk about that a little bit later on. But i also wanna talk about your close friend candy. Jim taylor. You alluded to him a little bit earlier legendary negro league manager. Tell me a little about history. I love that everybody. Everybody called him on oscar charleston and on all all your everybody got him on because I don't know if i was in close to over james. A kid can't child can't be too for some reason. We hit it off become too. I was like seeing what i was. The byzantine backboard like teams in the south end. Like the student exhortation again. I met up with gm when when it came in and we hit law in the smuggled chicago periodically to see him and In fact i worked. He's with game in nineteen forty. Six forty seven was the all star games but he was. he can just Just i love. I love the talking prior to can talk so bad. What do you remember most about growing up as a batboy. And you were a batboy at several negro league all star games as you said in the late forties. What are you remember. Most about those games looking at the magnificent and i never been forty seven chicken Type of hit something ball on dp. She writes that they stopped bends like they weren't throwing balls away like they do now. It just it just a wealth of of of talent. yeah. I enjoyed every every minute. Every second of i can imagine that you would register. Hold on just a second. Very special guest with us reginal howard. He played second base in the negro leagues with the clowns. Back in the nineteen fifties. He was born and raised in south. Bend indiana and as you heard him say is whole family. Were big time baseball fans when we come back on the other side One of the things that i Learned in my research for this interview. Was that almost everybody in the negro leagues nicknames. And i've got to find out why were some of the most unusual colorful ones and we'll do that as we continue across the country and around the world. It's good to have you with us. Here on sports byline hello and welcome back to the ronnie deutsche tax program on the line is paul from california. Hi paul what's your tax problem today. Irony ronnie love. Your show listen. I've got a big problem. You see my paycheck garnished last week. I'm only get half the normal amount to make matters worse. The irs froze my bank account. Listen i'm embarrassed and scared. I need some help. Listen paul you'll need to feel embarrassed. 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Let me ask you about The owner of the clowns syd pollock all of those guys that own. Those teams were numbers. Guys right yeah but not say you're caller what was he then promoter okay among a lot of different things and even basketball and based off but when i say numbers guys can you explain to everybody what i'm referring.

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