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Um i'm obviously dead tragic tragic story in office it when i heard about it was he a few years ago devastated because i grew up with him lovely lot he could have been one of the best players icing the primarily ever say it's interesting isn't it sometimes you don't make it because of personal tragedy sometimes because of injury learning cricket who didn't make it 'cause i just didn't have the desire and drive but who had the potential to be fantastic turfing not really epo kids are a brilliant schoolboys on in the never capital he in some some at weathering nobody's don't care com i don't know why what reasons budgie my emap fell oliver football jemaine him i don't know i don't know what the reasons why but in some member his name in subs in an ageing the only one from me you could have been a great you know didn't carryon for obvious reasons was phil neville you could have been in cricket there by your while i mentioned the night terry on garth up on absolutely brilliant play and it was so sad to see them not making that transition because i could have been to the best plays an in english table tennis history which i am i would make you raise your eyebrows threat of grant meadows eddie whole recently one we'll strongest manuel strongest man first britain twenty four years almost no acknowledgement of the press what sport all sports person deserves more mainstream attention i know all of us massively admire phil taibeh but he's getting it now isn't it is he dave well amisi of more now than he did ten years ago easy east probably britain's most successful sportsmen ever now come on boy ears come on areas that are equivalent come on israel more things that him come on world titles kanu atto hair listen i'm a big fan of felton.

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