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However one and welcome to slash from daily for february ninth two thousand eighteen on today's show we're going gonna be diving into a bunch of news including the lobo movie gets the director masters the universe loses the director feast books new tv series we got some more solo news alex garland has a new tv project in the works in disney streaming services announced their lineup all that in more this is peter saretta and on today's podcast we have with us slash managing editor jacob pillow hello weekend editor bright omen and at me and writer chris evangelista allow so guys were get into this i just wanted to complain on his step onto the this many soapbox her second abode um uh youtube new app on apple tv i i i use apple tv every day like i don't have a cable in awake my cable is through the playstation view afghan apple tv which i enjoy uh you know into i'm starting to actually watch more youtube content in this day and age actually be pro spend more time on my youtube app than i do my cable tv our app which is kind of strange it's almost like him turning in a into a millennial or something but um youtube has decided to upgrade their apple tv app and essentially make it like every other youtube out there is like the eu to baffin roku and uh i guess they want to have a interface that similar to all those uh end they have basically ruined it uh it is now clunky it looks like moving around it is frustrating it looks horrible looks like something like meat for android like five years ago um it's operating it like you know if you have some has been watching youtube quick ah i'll want to like fast forward a little bit like.

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