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Last year was phenomenal that would certainly be in the mix i probably would have last year's game 7 as a second best of all time i think 1991 when jack morris the judge john smoltz in the braves one to nothing i think that probably would be number one for me and then number three for me would be two thousand one where the yankees dynasty yankees having won three straight championships four and five years they lose in the bottom of the ninth inning a louis can solve hit in the 1960 bill mazeroski walk off all run in the bottom of the ninth inning of a crazy tendonitis victory over the yankees and i'm sure josh remember it's one of the most amazing stats about that game 7 of 19 60 now many strikeouts that were registered in that game educate me zero there were no strikeouts in that game what a different time that was i know putting the ball in play go figure three more here bus were clearing out the in this one from alan deacon allen deacon nineteen 64 hey buster with the emergence of austin barnes as a premier catcher does that make use money grinned doll expendable yes i would be surprised if he is money grand all is on the dodgers next year pk steinberg that puk steinberg of course and says do the astros have the promise of sustainable competitiveness similar to that astros squad from 1997 through two thousand six will and can they do better than those late 90s early 2000s squads in houston.

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