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John gordon joyce here on the kid koala show multi bestselling author leadership expert and positively expert this is so good john this is exactly why wanna join the show i want people to grasp there it's not a microwave deal man it is a crock pot situation and your story here you got another major roadblock so the energy and here's what i want i don't want to go any further i want you to summarize the energy bus because i'll tell folks later about the five books and all of your books quite frankly and and and drive them to their but i i want you to summarize the energy bus yet it's about a guy who was miserable negative his team at work is in disarray he has problems at home and we money morning to flat tire so we just fed up with life and he was really to write about because he's based on me and my own personal struggles with negativity and adversity and so he has to take the bus to work because of this tire by phone drive and that was also based on personal experience and now he takes the bus to work and he meets joy the bus driver and she cast of characters on this bus teaching the ten rules for the ride of his life and it's about staying positive it's about overcoming negativity and energy vampires it's about a shared vision and a greater purpose it's about driving with joy and enthusiasm and passion so it's really about how to build a positive team so it's like for the individual it's for the team but i had no idea that it was going to resonate the way it did even my wife is thought it was okay my brother thought it was okay like you know at first i didn't think it was anything special no idea the book would resonate but it's something that when it first came out i mean resonated a little bit coaches starts real read it school star reading it before even businesses and then businesses started take a hold of it and so it's just sort of this gradual mental but now it's actually more popular now than it was three years ago five years ago or ten.

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