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A year will to the line hewlett backing need didn't reading it up and when he stopped to do that you start to really see what is important to you and i found that what was important to me is is have really good people around me and to enjoy the moment the the reason i called the new album the time is now is that it's always been about moments sharing relationships and stories and be able to be here and be present because if on constantly which thinking about what the next thing is the next thing is like you've never learn is like i would just be in the same position again you just be in a different place with similar con of situation around you be nebanon and while i have learned is i'm here i'm healthy animal live on a making music that's impact in people's lives and i'm just like there's nothing more i could ask for now digital detox this is if you had to have just one of these things i so one spotify playlist on repeat for the rest of your life uh let's go for immediate friday's one contact to new whatsapp momma one youtube video on repeat for a week somehow was someone is taken the whole movie in thrown on there but i would probably be checking how devil's advocate one person who follow into his up this is scott with them with and he's like if you don't follow that count than theme of the old wonky real quick you've got to do it as drew is just a no brainer color they're like hey it admissible and one gadget you come to without passing a time i and run a meter now you ovarian demand these days with the list is famously one of the most soughtafter waiting singers in the world and i believe you did actually agree to perform at chat wishes waiting is that right we edited osman a common dulip forms for them so i kinda let them know that obama tears five ibon it had a good time for them to have stories of how music i connected with them when they met and prior to that was was very um.

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