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Smelting is in his fourth game he's spent two hundred thirty innings so far allowing one run in three hits two strikeouts to walks and his fastball is very high three now snowden has a very unorthodox looking delivery lot of movement in it a lot of arms and legs now the pitch in for a called strike on the outside three and one and harare thought maybe how to walk there michael francke the cleanup hitter is on deck five nothing phillies did a couple of home runs a three run shot and a two run homer for all their runs there's a ball way off the outside wall four so in fact he gets the wall and here comes ronco the the cleanup hitter franco had a very bad first half last year rebounded a little bit in the second half not a good year though but he's off to a pretty strong start this year came into this game kidding to eighty three with six homers and twenty six runs batted in in twenty seven games now the pitch a called strike high on the inside franko last year ended up hitting only two thirty for the whole year although he did have twenty four home runs he's from the dominican republic and the first by smelting diving safely back is harare his first full year two years ago he had twenty five home runs and a two fifty five average and had half a season back in twenty fifteen to eighty with fourteen homers now the pitch in there for a called strike was a curveball the is owen to bronco twenty five years old phillies felt like he put on some weight last year they were not happy but he is taken off quite a few pounds since last year even with very big and i felt like that was part of the problem for him longneeded i by harare smelting checks in again now pitches very high a ninety mile an hour fastball trying to use the slide stepped in and get the ball quickly to the play you've got a very complicated deliver that can take some time due to wind up and and then to unwind and throw the pitch looks at first.

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