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Scrutiny for his handling of the controversial plea deal for abstain in two thousand eight folks in Louisiana bracing for tropical storm Barry due to make landfall within hours ABC news meteorologist Melissa Griffin that's a triple threat we have the storm surge we have the potential for two feet of rain and then of course we have the rising water levels in the Mississippi River slow moving storm expected to be a major test for upgraded levees protecting New Orleans some of those levees fail during hurricane Katrina in two thousand five Chuck see Richard ABC news one thousand and ninety seven seven news time seven thirty one right now seventy four degrees starts Sanders top local stories from the como twenty four seven news center all reminder after this mornings four point six quake felt throughout the Seattle area if the big one hits first responders don't want you to call nine one one unless you actually need help como sewer Meryl explains how much county nine one one usually averages about twenty five calls on a given day around three in the morning but in the half hour immediately after the earthquake near Monroe they got more than three hundred and not the kind that nine one one should be used for the majority of unfortunately we're people calling to a ask if we had an earthquake or be asked what they should do the county's Kerr mills says people can find earthquake preparedness info online and the problem with getting those types of nine one one calls is that they keep people with real emergencies from getting through he says in the hour after the quake Snohomish county had more nine one one calls than the entire rest of the state Romero comma news seismologists have for years predicted a major quake as big as a nine point over the north west so are you ready first piece of advice from canton Brian president of the north west insurance council drop cover and hold one again under something sturdy in case something falls from the ceiling where the killer pieces of plaster things that can come off the wall so you want to protect her head and body from things are falling Brian says you should also keep three days worth of food water and medications in case roads are damaged or blocked before the big one hits take pictures or video of the valuables in your home especially the ones not everyone has prices keep those pictures plus images of your receipts and insurance documents on your phone or cloud so you can access them counsel also suggest talking with your insurer to make sure you have enough of the right coverage for a lot of people this morning's quake brought back memories of the two thousand one this quality quake that was a magnitude six point eight terms of seismic Graham it was one hundred and fifty eight times bigger than this morning however in terms of strength it released two thousand times the energy there are plenty reasons you could get stuck in a traffic jam this weekend come was Greg Herschel has details the I five express lanes will be closed overnight and until eleven AM Sunday for an inspection of the express lane gate the royal brome.

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