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First news. Good morning Leigh Matthews. Newsradio one thousand Casey, okay? Samuel Katz is a New York Times bestselling author under fire was his composition and his new book is the kidnapping and murder of a DIA station chief William Buckley, it's called Beirut rules, and he joins us. Now. Samuel a lot has happened in the Middle East since this all happened. So take us back thirty five years and reset the scene for the book Lebanon had just emerged from a brutal ugly, civil war civil war that was fought before CNN and all this coverage could be seen live with atrocities perpetrated by all sides in June of nineteen eighty two Israel, invades, Lebanon and takes over Beirut. And in the chaos of trying to solely pro western Christian government in in Lebanon, their assassinations suicide bombings and the Iranians coming off the Khameini revolution. A really trying to ignite the Shiites. Population to rise up into seize control in the country and in April nineteen Eighty-three. Amongst time on a warm spring day when the CIA assets in country, we're meeting if he embassy his Bulla perpetrates a suicide truck bombing and kill sixty people including virtually the entire US intelligence community in country and the CIA needed a man who had the courage keep ability and the craziness if you might say to go into harm's way. And that man was William Buckley's William F Buckley was a silver star recipient of Korean in Vietnam. He was a green beret officer. And he was a a paramilitary officer of of untold capabilities and experience. And. Okay. So when I read about this time of history, again, this was before we had CNN giving us updates every quarter hour, why was the CIA there in the first place where they trying to protect American interests where they trying to protect Isreaeli interest or were they just trying to keep the whole pot from boiling over. Well. This is everywhere. Every US embassy around the world. There is a CIA station. And those stations the agents the officers that work out out of there. The case officers will answer to a station chief, and that man is responsible for knowing everybody assigning everybody making sure that they're not taking undue risks and Bill Buckley was the CIA station chief assigned who rebuild US intelligence capabilities in Lebanon, Lebanon, being a crossroad whereas really Syrian Iranian and Saudi and other interests or converged into one horrific minefield and Bill Buckley specialty was a paramilitary officer. He built counterterrorist forces and part of the Reagan foreign policy was that Lebanon. Lebanon, internal forces should be built up and supported so that they can fight terrorists by themselves. But of course, Lebanon was so fractured along tribal and security line that the forces really had no chances for success and the forces from outside Lebanon from Syria and Iran were so strong and the sonata system, so so zealous and so severe that Bill. Buckley was there when when the marine barracks were blown up thirty five years ago this week in fact, and as as dangerous as Lebanon was Bill Buckley believed because there were rules of the spy game Bill. That station chief he was exempt from danger, but nobody would touch him because people moral even though he is identity was secret news there under diplomatic cover that. Nobody would mess with him. And.

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