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Cochran is the chair of the appropriations committee republicans face the same after a tax overhaul as they did in the attempt to repeal obamacare they can only lose to vote in still passed the measure republican leaders say they still plan on holding the vote this week scott de tro npr news a new poll shows that the indian capital new delhi ranks alongside the brazilian city of sao paulo in terms of perceptions about sexual violence against women and pr is chilly mccarthy reports the thomson reuters foundation looked at cities with a population of more than ten million when experts on women's issues were polled about the risk womenrun of encountering sexual violence including rape and harassment deli in sao paulo fared the worst tokyo was seen as the safest cairo was considered the most dangerous overall for women intensified media attention on crimes against women in delhi in sao paulo could have contributed to their low rankings in delhi the reporting of sexual crime has also sharply risen delhi also lacked third from the bottom on women's access to resources such as education and ownership of property julie mccarthy in news new delhi the weinstein company says it's in talks to sell all or most of the production company known for films such as shakespeare in love and gangs of new york the company fired its cofounder harvey weinstein after allegations of sexual harassment and assault checking stocks the dow is up fifty two points the sp is up to the nasdaq is up nine this is npr news.

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