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Connected. Stay informed. Your husky nation station. Komo news. Good afternoon. And welcome to the noon report in for Rick van sice. And Carleen Johnson. Charlie Harger here are the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. She revealed the incident over the summer and yesterday afternoon she named her alleged attacker. Brian Calvert has more about the Seattle woman who has publicly accused of Washington state, Senator of rape as supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh was offering his testimony Candice favorite tweeted is anyone else fed up and ready to name names because I am earlier this summer she'd written about the man she says raped her the night of her graduating from Georgetown University back in two thousand seven at the time. She only identified him as a lawmaker she met at the capitol. But yesterday, she tweeted if it's bad that Blasi Ford wanted to raise this until cavenaugh got to the highest levels of government. Then maybe the rest of us shouldn't sit on our secrets just crossing our fingers that they won't come into more power. Then she tweeted her accused attackers name Senator Joe Fain of the forty seventh district. The times reached out to the Senator who responded via text. I absolutely deny what MS Faber is accusing the of any allegation of the serious nature deserves to be heard and investigated. I invite and will cooperate with any inquiry. I ask everyone to show respect him is favor and to the process. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Congress has passed legislation to combat the opioid crisis. The support patients and communities act grants money to local governments to help fight the crisis and titans controls on prescribing the drugs through Medicaid, Republican congresswoman, Cathy, McMorris Rogers, cosponsored, some of the language in the Bill that deals with elderly addiction and says it will expand access to therapy for those who are at risk. The Bill now heads to the president's desk. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. Police on the campus of Shelton high school this morning, but classes are in session Shelton police captain Mike viola says the rumor was of a potential school shooting today. People are walking in hallways overhearing things. And at this point. No student was. Typically named as a potential shooter and everybody that was a witness has been interviewed. So classes are in session today. But extra police are there to calm nerves still to come. I'm Corwin Hake. Forget about tariffs. One group of north west farmers has a much bigger worrying KOMO news time, twelve oh.

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