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We're going all the rails with rob Kendall here Seoul tweet early this morning from Nikki Haley former U. N. head Nikki Haley is she trying to back door the vice president's gig away from our former mid day guy yeah that's the and by the way isn't it great that that we are now in the we are now on the same station you guys are that Mike pence what was once on this chair yeah this this chair right here's had Mike pence's **** cheeks and my **** cheeks and and you know it used to be the upbringing of great Christian values in a moral America now it's lunar do the station is going to great she's got important time that's the only reason you but that's what other you know what I was thinking when he when she put that tweet out about all I don't you know don't want his job or whatever I'm sick of that the nails tweet from the other day that we did with Nigel shockingly when extra week yeah I was not at work Nigel wasn't here it's very rare buddy so we'll talk about Lee Dykstra put that tweet about I'd like all you people to stop in boxing me about that whether I think this chicken only World Series is going to be hot and you are both agreed he sent that to you right you put that out there on your own yeah nobody that you I don't believe Nikki Haley is getting in box on a regular basis because she's a private citizen now are you gonna take by pencil stub wal grants you want to put herself back on the media these guys gonna primary trump or at least they gonna try to primary trump you read some of the like case it could be in flaking is horrible but I had like a Joe Walsh wants to to run and not the that not the evil not the guitar player but the the conservative radio host what's the primary companies guys really what were they thinking so I'm a Republican primary voters and I think I'm pretty much like in blocks of what the average Republican primary voter is what are you going to say to me to tear me away from from like what he's a bully he's a bigot he's almost are you going to say to me I've liked the policies I like the direction of the country and I've told you guys I know you guys gonna said this too two craps about what he does is the person I care what he does as long as you don't break the law I can what he does to help me and my family exactly right I don't need to have a boy scout as the president I need some money that's not going to put up with crap and have my best interest in his mind and by the way the stuff he does like saying I'm the chosen one calling stormy Daniels portrays likely to vote for him do you also find it funny that he's a kind of give a big middle finger to Denmark right now we have the ships in here yesterday and you work with the checks every day as their producer and they're really but heard that he's canceling the better we got into this on the other side look you hear from women all the time all guys was they just they only want one thing you know to trust me an honest he's going to run he's not even going on the day he's telling her up front Hey I really just what one thing if you want that too we can have a nice time the other would have a nice dinner she said I don't want that thing you said okay then we have nothing in common he's not wasting anyone's he's doing whatever they want from a man so we're all on the same page here you're comparing Donald Trump skipping out on a state dinner to Denmark as a possible one night stand after a meal at Denny's it was the man every woman claims the water they're rejecting him anyway what's coming up on the road candle show this weekend we're gonna go inside these fabulous poll numbers that have dual has including helping break some of these may oral poll numbers down it's really interesting rob can open the chips on the right in the rob kindle show rob thank you thank you the color nine right now two.

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