Eric Swallow, John Kelly, Donald Trump discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer - Video shows Kelly made erroneous claim about Wilson, Australia receives letter from North Korea, US deficit hits $666 billion -- this year


Well you know first of all i i agree with the eric swallow will that it is it's tragic that all of this has has eclipse d what should be a reflection on these four service people who gave their lives these four green berets for the country and the investigation of exactly what happened there but look i heard john kelly words yesterday about his son i heard him talk about the call i thought those were entirely appropriate and moving but you know we we all keep hoping that some of john kelly will rub off on donald trump and then it looks like donald trump is rubbed off on john kelly because instead of ending it there he engages in this gratuitous attack on the congresswoman that that really does all the good he was trying to do and and then the last point i'd make about this is it's really deeply offensive for the white house press secretary this just that you should not question what the white house chief of staff said because he was a fourstar general he's not a fourstar general anymore i honor his service but here's the white house chief of staff he was sent out there to speak for the president to the country and he when he oversteps a he is fair game and i'm going to play that outrageous exchanged the sarah sanders had at the white house briefing earlier today with the trip read let's watch i think we suggest that pretty thoroughly yesterday he was wrong yesterday talking about getting the money the money is do you want to go after that i think that that if you want to get into a debate with the fourstar marine general i think that that's an appropriate.

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