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After that promotes wellbeing for your ploys and also a great product for your customers or clients in any includes things like how do we treat people in this company i don't eat tree each other how to wait mileage people in his company how do we how do we celebrate them and how do we celebrate the accomplishments not only of the individual people but the accomplishments and the goals of our company in how do we interact with customers clients do you know certain companies are known for their service in how well they treat their their employees in other companies it's like whoa customers employer they're just you know numbers they represent money in our pocket other corporate cultures not we want to be known for how well we treat our customers in you might think something like nordstroms for example who you know started at his shoe company and you can return a pair of shoes in a year later in the end they don't ask any questions because they have this corporate culture that we are here to be of service to our customers and and within the company you know certain companies have a culture where a week value the human capital within our company how we treat people in in this is this is something that gives employs extensive again belonging to something reiter than themselves something they can be proud of something that they'd had a part in creating something that they care about and that's the same thing in a family of family has a corporate culture as well i know family who you know around from time to time rum their dinner table they would say you know we are we are the smiths in we're kind to people hey i ending were kind to people and that was just want something that they wanted to.

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