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I know we had one review and it was just like the whole opening monologue to the opening credits of a pawn stars. It was seventy somebody just quoted the guy from feinstein and that was our whole fucking review. People are weird. Man are fucking weird. Jake feels let down. Jake feels like. I waited that whole time for that. I mean maybe if the cookies end up good it'll be redemption. But i don't know. I don't know i'm kind of with you jack. You're kind of pulled me a kind of way we need. We need a little bit of cookie. Redemption don't we buddy. Sure next one's titled old nerds. I love old nerd. St think that do you think that he's talking about the willy. Wonka candy gone stale or talking about porn. Thought he was talking about five guys. Jesus were old nerds. Fuck this guy. Wow comes from blankie one. A and it says it's a five star. Take a drink every time you hear the jug of whatever being lifted during the podcast and you might not live through it. I love it. So somebody. Jesus christ with the i drink. I drink on this it. That's a whole fucking thing. I don't know if it's a recipe. It's fucking guy and dumb. Drinking game that he invented old nerds leveled nerds. Wow yeah a elderly nerds i love elderly nerds. Even better than old nerds. Fuck called nerds. Are we ever noticed a jug being lifted. Are we think jason. I've been listening. I've been listening for krause. Fucking jug it. I've not heard. I have not heard this drug. You might hear me take a swig. But i don't know if you're like here in the banging a jog around the fucking podcast go full weird ones our team's review so thank you for. That was underwhelming very again contest contest here. Greenland that movie greenland movie. We took a disaster flick. Yeah gerard butler marina. Backer and scott glen star in the rotten tomatoes. Certified fresh pulse. Pounding disaster thriller greenland when a planet killing comment racist toward earth a father and his family make perilous journey to their only hope for sanctuary while encountering the best and worst and humanity as the countdown to global apocalypse approaches zero own greenland today on digital blu ray and dvd which includes deleted scenes feature commentary with director..

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