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It took me like two years to understand i was so you really threw up before the game i mean you yaked all over the carpet get me off of them god somebody he was too big but i'm you know i'm i think magic you say mj the best i think you could say magic is the best great great senior meeting you qc rod strickland all right coming up next hour packed brett brown co two the sixers can't wait to talk to daniel jeremiah nfl scout now works the nfl network mock draft we'll talk about it last hour we're packed it's the herd this is the her wherever you may be however you may be listening live in los angeles sponsored by firestone complete auto care keep your car running newer longer christine lay is joining us for our three thirty minutes brett brown coach of the sixers joins us and under ten minutes daniel jeremiah who is an nfl scout for eight years before joining the nfl network will join us as well am surprised at fred concrete to do the show after what you said about joel embiid and the sixers thing why like ben simmons is going to be an all time i'm not anti philadelphia they're better than i thought faster than i thought some of that's boston's injuries so all right so we're going to have that coming up brett brown but we all watched last night so you know where i'm starting lebron played almost a perfect game last night i mean he almost played a perfect game.

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