Humanitarian Aid discussed on Selfie with Kristen Howerton and Sarah James


Well both my life was fooled up iit was really tough for a number of years of being very close to the edge of not having anything else to give and i think death those that to you it kind of can take away your life as well it it can't both give and it can take away can be the thing that inspires it can also be the thing that sucks life out of you and i had to refrain for one but i think that the thing that i'm settling in on is i had to find the limonov spaces the 'inbetweens the thresholds and what i mean by that is that for me i had to acknowledge that i could be both hole and broken and at one point in my life i thought they were two separate things that didn't go handinhand i thought that i was either the strong one or the week when i was he the helper or as the one being helped i was either the humanitarian aid worker or as the the one being served up but as i became more and more broke through the different experiences that i had that i wasn't prepared for at all so the limited space was beginning to acknowledge that i could exist doing both uhhuh 'cause i felt the more broken i felt the more i felt like i needed to remove myself from the business uh and from death care but i started to become more comfortable in the in between of acknowledging that i was both hole and broken that i could be both the one who's being helped and one who is helping.

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